Book Review #8 – Where She Went

The specter of a man who had never stopped loving someone else – Where She Went, Gayle Forman.

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If you know from the title that Gayle Forman’s Where She Went is the sequel to If I Stay, you’re probably wondering what happened to the entire book in my reading schedule. I have read it, and I have to say that I much preferred Where She Went. I think that it’s partly due to the fact that the storyline really resonates with me and my personal life at the moment. So much so that I want to read it again just to relive the moments between Adam and Mia.

Where She Went is set three years down the line since the the tragedy in Mia’s life. Adam is now a fully fledged rock star with a babe of a girlfriend – who doesn’t exactly fill a hole in his life – whilst Mia is a up and coming cellist in New York. Their paths cross for one night only. A lot can happen in one night when the sun is sleeping and the stars are out to play.

Adam has plenty of questions for Mia which he bottles up until the final exploding moments between them at the sun rises over the city that never sleeps. Cue tears that I tried to hide on the train down to London. It’s a good job that the carriage was mostly empty and I didn’t have to share a seat.

The story is written through the eyes of Adam which at first, I didn’t exactly love. I’m a girl so seeing it through a boy’s eyes is a little difficult at first. Then, I started getting to grips and falling in love with his story, not only Mia’s. I think that it is amazing how Forman wrote two books from both perspectives of the relationship. Girls always want to know what boys are thinking (and the other way around) so it was the perfect combination for a duology. Plus, sometimes we all get into our own selfish little bubbles where we think that we are right no matter what. It was refreshing to see a different take on young love. It’s not always the girl who gets doe-eyed.

Music, just like in If I Stay, plays a massive role in the sequel. It is what connects Adam and Mia despite the difference in musical taste. She plays classic; he plays rock. They are both in awe of the other’s playing, even if they don’t particularly like what they hear. Spoiler alert: Adam wrote his band’s award-winning album about Mia after she up and disappeared. If that isn’t love and heartbreak, then what is?

For me though, the best part of the story was always the burning desire and love that Adam has for Mia despite the fact that they didn’t speak for three years. It was fate that they were there together in NYC and fate doesn’t play tricks. Yes, I am a believer of fate. We make our own fate too; we are in charge of our own destiny, but sometimes there is a peculiar higher power. I know that this is just a story, but it is a magical one about real lives that doesn’t need any extra fantasy or mysterious twists and turns because it is what it is. Two young people care immensely for each other despite their differences and they reconnect over one night.

It’s the perfect love story about two not-so-perfect people and Gayle Forman achieved that in 260 pages.

Have you read Where She Went? What are your thoughts?

Love, Faye x


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  1. October 27, 2015 / 3:01 pm

    I LOVED this book and I’m glad you liked it, too. Great review! 😀

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