Classic Halloween Fashion

Hell is empty and all the devils are here – William Shakespeare.



Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year. It is the perfect time to dress up as anyone or anything you want to be, scary or not. I am trying something new this year; I have saved a lot of images on my Pinterest for spooky inspiration. I wore the actual outfit earlier this year for a superhero party at work, but it can also suffice as what I’m dressing up as (for work) on Saturday too. Keep an eye out for Halloween updates on my Instagram.

A little bit of a disclaimer… I actually created the following classic Halloween fashion inspiration boards two years ago whilst living in Spain, but I love them so much that I want to share them on this blog too. Also, the following items may not be available, however the high street will always have similar styles in especially for Halloween!

Welcome to the firey pits of Hell. The female version of the Devil is deemed to be sexy, powerful, and the ultimate ‘Lady in Red’. Instead of buying a tacky PVC dress, or the shortest red skirt imaginable, go towards the more elegant look with a long red dress and red stilettos. Wear strong black liner with mascara, and complete the look with blood red lips and nails. You will feel sexy and sophisticated with this look, and you will definitely turn heads in this outfit.


Welcome to the darkness. Another classic is the vampire. As young women, we can allow ourselves to be a little more sexy. Historically (and if you have seen all the vampire films and television shows, old and new), the female vampire is flawless, beautiful and seductive. For this night, and every other without the fangs, you can mirror the same image with a simple fitted LBD, bloodstained lips, dark eye makeup, bloodied nails with a cracking pair of sky high black stilletos to complete the look.


Welcome to the Witching Hour. As I said before, transforming into a witch when I was a kid was so exciting. To have my mother make me up with her dark red lipstick, completed with a spider drawn on my cheek with black eyeliner is one of my cherished moments from early childhood. Now that I’m twenty, if I were to become a classic witch, I would be doing my own makeup using black everything. Create a black smoky eye, using dark greys with black around the outer corner. A black laced dress with laced tights creates the perfect witch silhouette, and to top it off, a tall black hat. For your feet, witches can magic up anything, so why not a pair of beautiful laced up boots? You are bound to be the tallest girl in the room with all the added inches.


Welcome to your nine lives. A witches pet, the cat, is another simple yet traditional Halloween costume. Or, you could become the Catwoman. Either way, the following high street outfit will inspire you to head in the right direction. Black wet look leggings are easy to put on, plus a black strapless bralet – both of which can be worn again and again casually or dressed up – are the base of your outfit. Add black shoe-boots to add height, and you are practically there. A cat mask is a must. If not, find some cat ears that you can buy from the high street at stores such as Topshop, River Island, or Claire’s Accessories. Makeup wise, again it is the classic black liner. Create cat eyes with this, and add a spectacular amount of mascara to your lashes. Red lips and black nails complete the look.


Welcome to the graveyard. As a skeleton, you will have been dead for years, but that doesn’t mean you have to look rough and dirty. In the fashion world, a skeleton editorial would never be like this. Instead, the model would look a little bit edgy with full skeleton makeup, and fabulous clothes. Head to Topshop where they have gone skull and bone crazy with their clothes and accessories. Grab a pair of black leggings with bones painted on, plus a black and white bralet to create the balance of black and white. Add a black heel with buckles to create the edgy look of a high-fashion skeleton. For your makeup, head to a fancy dress store for black and white face paint, and get creative.


What are you favourite classic halloween looks?

Love, Faye x


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