My First Bold Lip

Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together – Elizabeth Taylor.


I have never been a lipstick person. It’s always been about the eyes in terms of make-up for me. When I first started this blog back in March, I started wondering more and more about different beauty looks and how to get the most out of my make up. I wanted to try new things and see how different looks would come out of applying various products due to the particular mood I was in that day. One of those things that I had never tried was a more bolder lip. I am so used to my trusty Nivea Pearl Shine and my Vaseline in Rose that I never ventured into the magical world of lip colour.

Now, I have one trusty bold lip that I went through a phase of using constantly a few weeks ago. I think that it is a perfect Autumn/Winter colour, especially teamed with either mascara and flawless skin, or neutral eyes and groomed brows. That lip colour is Rimmel London’s 470, Glam Plum Fulham. It’s a beautiful, rich plum that seems darker than what it actually is. It is shiny when I first apply it but I tend to blot the excess away to leave a matte finish. The only trouble is that it sometimes doesn’t last all night long – depending on how many drinks or bites to eat I’ve had – so it’s a case of topping it up once more half way through the night.


What was your first bold lip colour?

Love, Faye x


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