New Launch: The Millennial Fragrance

We stand for being modern, contemporary, sophisticated, pure, natural, consistent and often minimal. And, we stand for sex in a very big way” – Calvin Klein.





As the years, and life, have evolved to its millennial stage, fashion house Calvin Klein has grown strength by strength. The fashion pioneer launched his label in 1968 with a line of coats for men and women; the same label which has now grown into a luxurious lifestyle brand with a range of products; including eye-wear, fragrance, underwear, casual day wear and sophisticated high end fashion pieces, all at affordable prices.

With a desire to stand out as a modern, contemporary brand with youth at its core, Calvin Klein is all about the here and now; the millennials, the technology, those who are at the fighting line on social media. All of this and more is reflected in Calvin Klein advertising campaigns. They are minimal with sexy sophistication as exemplified in the current Calvin Klein underwear and jeans adverts which are everywhere at the moment: think Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner – two of the hottest young people on the planet right now, full of success, beauty and youth.





A new CK fragrance has hit the perfume counters everywhere. It is completely new, improved, original and like no other fragrance. It comes 21 years after Calvin Klein’s ever-popular CK One. CK One was for the ex-generation. CK2 is all about the millennials.

Inspired by a target consumer of 16-25 year olds with the aspirations of being entrepreneurial and the means of buying high end brands whilst working in more than one job, CK2 is a fragrance for today’s youth and tomorrow’s generations. It was designed with the young people of today in mind: what we want to do with our lives, how our day begins, why we share every minuscule moment with the online world, and how our social lives are what we look forwards to most (TGIF! FOMO!).




The thought process behind this campaign is simply outstanding. It surpasses any other due to the calculation of inspiration and ideas at every critical step. Calvin Klein have asked their ambassadors to go out and research the lives of the millennium youth, to find out what makes us tick.

Millennials are all about meaningful connections and experiences, whether this is through face to face contact, or through a screen, the connection is real. You only have to look at the blogging community online and how we all rally together around people when they are feeling low, or when they have hit a massive target that they didn’t think was achievable when they started out. It is all meaningful: the connections we make with each other are real.

Another inspiration of the millennials is that we want to live our lives, we want love, we want fun, and we want to share it with another. Personally, I want all of these things, and I have all of these things: I’m lucky.

Millennials come hand in hand with technology. It’s just the way it is, and has been since the invention of the laptop, mobile phone, and the uprising of social media. We live in a digital realm which can be the making of us. A whopping 2.2 million has been put into this campaign in order to make it so widely accessible to its consumers that CK2 will be on the top of every Twitter homepage, every Facebook and Instagram account as well as being streamed onto YouTube adverts before the videos of top vloggers and chart-topping music videos being to play. CK2 will be everywhere.



The one minute advert for CK2 quickly follows four young couples in various parts of the world. They are enjoying each others company and their freedom. One of my favourites phrases comes to mind: young, wild and free. It’s the notion that we live in the moment, which is something that a lot of millennials love to do.


Within the 60 seconds, the advert shows the friendship, tenderness, trust and fun between two people, because isn’t that what a relationship is all about?


Moreover, the use of two homosexual and two heterosexual, perhaps all of different backgrounds, shows how the ex-generation have fought for the rights of individuals, leading the millennials to live their own lives freely without prejudice or fear of judgement. Of course, we can never say that this will never happen; every day, people are wrongfully judged in our society. However, Calvin Klein’s campaign celebrates romantic love of different kinds in order to portray life today.


This is what CK2 is in a nutshell: the fun and freedom that a person can have and sharing that with another. They are not the same person, but in some way they compliment and complete the other, which is something that the fragrance itself does too.


Watch the ad: 


If Apple were to design a fragrance, CK2 would be it. It’s slim, sleek, modern with clean sharp lines. It reflects the aesthetic tastes of millennials. It is truly unisex, and it captures the attention of everyone. The design also means that it’s small enough to slip into his back pocket and her clutch on an evening out. Perfect.



CK2 means equality. It is a gender-free contemporary fragrance for him which has exactly the same ingredients (and the price) as for her. Although it smells completely difference on each individual – due to the brand new pheromone technology – it means that both sexes can enjoy the one fragrance, which as a couple (heterosexual or homosexual), it could be something that you can enjoy together, especially with Valentine’s Day coming up!

I would describe CK2 as fun, sexy, vibrant, cool, young, millennial and advanced. It has the combination of not one, but two different accords so that it creates something truly unique for every individual. There is a cool accord and a warm accord: we all have our preference, so Calvin Klein decided to combine the two together to please everyone’s tastes.



The cool accord has a strikingly fresh top note of wasabi, something that has never been used in any other perfume ever. It notes the electricity of contact combined with the solar heat of wet cobblestones which, with floral accords creates a rich sensuality and an electric freshness topped off with a mineral splash.

On the other hand, the warm accord has the alluring elegance of jasmine and the earthy and intriguing scent of vetiver combined with deep and dark incense. One of the most talked about ingredient is the creamy warmth of sandalwood which creates an intimate and sensual sense of electricity in comparison to its fresher cool side.

On myself, I definitely get the cooler side: it’s crisp and sharp with a fruity floral edge, which really lasts until bed time. Because of the freshness (and the inspirational campaign), I would wear CK2 to summer festivals, on my travels, from day to evening, and also on date night – it’s a great icebreaker!

With all of this in mind, I wanted to share a couple of my inspirational images that are on my Pinterest page under the Young, Wild & Free board which you can see more of here.

Plus, here are some of the moments in my life that have been loving, fun, young and free!

ck2 mems

Of course, these are only a fraction of memories that CK2 makes me think of in my life.

Calvin Klein have not only brought out a new fragrance, but the company has created an innovative campaign that reflects and inspires our generation of 16-25 year olds, of people in #TeamInternet, of the likes of Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber who have it all whilst their in their youth. CK2 is a fragrance that makes us all think about the wild and crazy things that we’ve done as well as the intimate moments with a loved one. It symbolises the relationship and love between two people, uniting them as one. It’s much more than a liquid in a bottle, and that’s what I love about CK2.

What are your favourite memories? Share them with the hash tag #the2ofus

Have you tried CK2 yet? What are your thoughts?

Love, Faye x



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    February 3, 2016 / 8:01 am

    Fantastic blog faye amazing xx

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