Travel Bucket List – Part II

Southeast Asia has a real grip on me. From the very first time I went there, it was a fulfilment of my childhood fantasies of the way travel should be – Anthony Bourdain.



I haven’t written a travel post in a little while, let alone a travel bucket list. Australia is creeping up on me day by day. It’s into the 80-day-countdown-zone now which is both thrilling and terrifying at the same time – I seriously need to practice my packing! With all the excitement of Australia, I’m starting to slightly forget about my plans for returning home – I know, you’re probably thinking why is she so worried about May 2017?! She hasn’t even left England yet and she’s already planning on coming back? Crazy Lady. This is all 100% true, however, I’m a girl who likes a plan and a lot of lists, although sometimes these plans fall through and that’s a part of the whirlwind that we call life.

This post comes from me sitting in my pyjamas in bed thinking of all the beautiful bluest of the blue oceans on the other side of the world, in particular the Southeast Asia/Indonesia part of the world. I think that they may win the world cup for best colour of the ocean because they are stunning and I can’t stop looking at pictures of them.

As I have mentioned before, Southeast Asia/Indonesia are one of the many places that I want to check off my travel bucket list during this trip of a lifetime – before the real life adult life begins. I want to go and spend a few weeks, or a couple of months, sightseeing, sunbathing and swimming in the ocean in these beautiful countries.

Here are eight that are on the must do travel check list.




I mentioned Bali in the first travel bucket list because it is one of the places that I would love to visit during my lifetime. The ocean look gorgeous – how many times do I want to mention the ocean? – and the beaches look like an aura of gold. It looks like there’s a whole other world of history and cultural architecture to explore too which is right up my street.




I typed in Southeast Asia destinations and Jakarta was one of those that I had never heard of before. It is a huge capital in Indonesia bustling with various cultures, architecture, languages and cuisine. It would be silly to miss out on such a lively Indonesian city.




Another unheard of destination on my part, Lombok sounds like the perfect haunt of relaxation. As an island – although highly-populated – it should be peaceful and tranquil with lots of stunning views: just what I will need to switch off and soak up the rays.




Yet again, a place that was secret to my knowledge until today. Malang looks like a place that is filled with beauty. There are waterfalls, temples, beaches, mosques and more that will keep me occupied for a few days at least.




Now then, Singapore is a place that I have definitely heard of before doing a mini research into travelling Southeast Asia. It is somewhere that I definitely want to put a tick next to on the list of travels. As a global financial centre, it thrives on business and has a huge platform of multi culture. It simply cannot be missed as I will need somewhere to busy me up from weeks of lounging in the sun.




Sumatra was recommended to me by a cousin of mine who packed her bags and travelled the world for a year at the age of 21. She said that I had to go because of the orangutans – and other things too of course. For the reason of seeing wildlife, I added it into my Southeast Asia travel bucket list.




Obviously, a Southeast Asia travel bucket list would not be complete without Thailand. One of my best friends went last year with her boyfriend and she raved about everything that she did there, and her photos were amazing. Some of the stories she told me were incredible and I just have to go and see it for myself.




Cambodia has been on my list for a while due to the religious architecture as well as the historical and archaeological exhibits of the National Museum. Furthermore, the beaches look incredible – again we’re back to the beaches… which helps in making an informative decision to visit!

Here’s the route!

south east asia route

I won’t be driving!

Which Southeast Asian destinations would you visit?

Love, Faye x


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