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Don’t worry, be(e) happy – Bobby McFerrin.

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Recently, there has been a lot of loving on this blog: a lot of let’s love ourselves, let’s focus on the good and get rid of the bad. Another positive post (as well as virtual hugs) is being sent to your laptop, tablet and phone screens for today’s post too.

This time it comes in collaboration with the fabulous Teardrop Designs who have sent me a gorgeous piece of jewellery: “Bee Happy”*.

This necklace is lovely. It has a delicate silver chain with the cutest little bee as its pendent. When I got told that I could pick any item (apart from one), I chose this one because it shows what Teardrop Designs is all about; I wanted to show and tell you all how amazing this small company is. Teardrop Designs produce delicate pieces of jewellery that are all about being positive and leading a happier life. They aim their designs at those who are dreamers, believers and achievers.

I believe that I am all three, from the recent posts about being a free spirit and being beautiful without makeup, to the upcoming ones about friendship, saying no and more: keep your eyes peeled!

I believe that we are all the same. We all dream, we all believe and we all aim to achieve – without sounding like I’m chanting something off Bring It On! When we believe in ourselves, it makes us think that we can achieve anything – and we can! There is nobody stopping us from doing that but ourselves. Yes, some days are awfully bad, but we pick ourselves up again once more and carry on thriving.

Every time I have a bad day, I will do one small thing in turning it into a good day, and that will be to wear this “Bee Happy” necklace as a reminder that it isn’t as bad as it seems; the storm will pass.

bee happy 2

These beautiful handmade gifts, including the “Bee Happy” necklace would make anyone’s day whether it is in aid of a birthday, Easter gift, or just because. There are bracelets and necklaces alike with meanings behind them such as happiness, faith, understanding, dreams and more.

Fayebeline readers have a 20% discount when ordering online with the code TEARDROP16.

Remember to Bee Happy and look on the bright side!

What do you think of this pretty necklace? Would you add it to your collection?

Love, Faye x

(*)Disclaimer: This post is a brand collaboration with Teardrop where they generously gifted me the “Bee Happy” necklace in return for a 100% honest blog post and review. This was initiated by the lovely ladies over at Liverpool Bloggers.


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