Stunning Islands – Fraser Island 

​Let us keep the dance of rain our fathers kept and tread our dreams beneath the jungle sky – Arna Bontemps. 

Travelling the east coast before doing anything else in Australia was the best decision I made so far since coming here. It led me to see beautiful views, experience incredible things and meet a load of people who have made me laugh until my sides ache. 

One of those experiences was the two night, three day tour of the famous Fraser Island. Before coming to Australia, I had never expected so many things and excursions that had to be “done”, in the way that every single person who travels the east coast goes on the same tours because they are unmissable. Fraser Island is one of them.

Located across the sea from Hervey Bay, Fraser Island is a stunning island full of natural lakes, incredible sands, a shipwreck and hardly any phone reception. The best way to get around the island is driving 4x4s which is exactly what we did with Nomads Tours. 

Check out of Nomads in Noosa was 6.30am, with pick up being 7am. It’s safe to say it was an extremely early start; having drank the night before (usual along the east coast) made the morning slightly too bright. Nevertheless, we coped having packed our necessities for the trip into our smaller bags and backpacks, whilst locking our monsters of backpacks into the luggage room.

It was a two hour drive to Hervey Bay where we met Linc, our Fraser guide, and got sorted into our groups. Ours was the best, obviously, with a mix of people from all over the UK, and one honorary Brit who was actually from Belgium – four guys and four girls in Car 3 which we did rename to something to do with Taylor Swift or fire, or a mix of the two. Our 4×4 liked to get overheated, and Luke, a friend of ours in the car, had a thing for Miss Swift. 

Every place we stopped at was beautiful. It’s crazy how this is also a part of the world that we live in, it looks like an incredible piece of beauty, almost like one of those desert mirages. Here are my favourites, and absolute must sees if you are planning to go to Fraser Island.

Lake Mackenzie 

The biggest lake on the island which is also full of natural rain water. This is something that every person who has visited the island talks about when they speak of Fraser Island; I can see why. The water is a mix of beautiful blues and despite the colder weather, was still just as stunning as it would have been in sunlight.

Champagne Pools 

The name speaks for itself. The pools are located in the west of the island where the ocean almost connects to them. When the ocean hits the surrounding rocks, it overflows into the pools creating a fizzing champagne effect. The sun was shining when we visited the pools on the second day of our trip, which made the pools dazzle more. 

Indian Head

Shortly after our visit to Champagne Pools, we headed up to Indian Head. The legend goes that there was a person on top of this large hill and Captain Cook thought he was an Indian, not an aboriginal, and so the name stuck: Indian Head. It was a small trek up the hill (slight nightmare in flip flops) but the views were breathtaking: the ocean was glorious and we saw a whale in the distance too. 

Eli Creek 

A natural lazy river is what Eli Creek is. It wasn’t very deep so there we were, in the cold, slightly spitting rain, dragging ourselves along like soldiers in army training. It was fun and kind of relaxing at the same time. The surrounding nature was also amazing.

SS Maheno Shipwreck 

This ship was used during World War I as a hospital ship for the navy before she was shipwrecked onto the island. Looters came from afar to grab what they could until someone was appointed to live on the ship to protect it. He was also married there. That is the gist of the story. Seeing a live shipwreck is incredible; to think that this ship was plummeted to Fraser Island from a cyclone and that it is her resting place forever is amazing. I love pieces of history like that. 

Nomads Tours is one of the best tours I’ve been on in my life. You are put into a group of amazing people from all parts of the world; you stay together, eat together, drink together, explore this stunning island together – all with the help of a guide who tells you the history and stories of the island, alongside being your personal cook for the three days you are there, and fixing your land rovers. The highlight, apart from taking in every sight and sound, was definitely being able to the 4x4s along the beach and off road. 

The only downside was we didn’t get to see any wild dingoes who are a famous part of the Fraser community, but we did see a pretty big snake.

If you’re planning on going, don’t stay for longer than a week!  Legend says there’s an aboriginal curse on the island whereby you go crazy after seven nights. 

Have you been? What were your personal highlights?

Love, Faye x 



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