15 Thoughts After Watching The Originals

Don’t underestimate the allure of Darkness. Even the purest hearts are drawn to it – Klaus Mikaelson.

When the time came for a new series to watch on Netflix, I decided to give The Originals a go. I had never really given it a chance before because I was too in love with the characters of The Vampire Diaries to let this new supernatural family in to my mind. I stopped watching TVD a while ago now because the storylines got a little far-fetched and confusing for me, plus some episodes were weeks apart and I couldn’t keep up any longer. I do want to finish it though, especually as the last season is coming.

As soon as I started watching The Originals , I couldn’t stop, which was a given really. I knew it would happen in the back of my mind. I finished two seasons in six days, and that was whilst working in between too. The third season isn’t on the Australian Netflix yet (hurry up!!) so I’ve come back to reading and blogging a little more regularly. I don’t want to start another TV obsession just yet.

After watching all 44 episodes, I got thinking about some questions…

1. Do these vampires/originals have forms of ID? And how many times do they have to change it in their life time?
2. Where does everyone get all their money from?
3. Do they have jobs or just go around trying to protect/kill/save/endanger lives?
4. Why is there nobody ever in Cami’s bar?
5. How come she can sit on the other side of the bar and drink from the bottle on shift?
6. How can any of them drink so much liquor without passing out/throwing up/getting typsy?
7. Why is Hayley so beautiful?
8. Why are they all so beautiful?
9. Is Mikael really dead? Or will he come back again?
10. How do the witches remember all those different spells?
11. What were the lives of the human victims like before they died?
12. When are Hayley and Elijah/Cami and Klaus gonna get together?
13. Just how supernatural is Hope?
14. When are people going to realise Klaus always fights for the good side… Kinda… Eventually?

I love everything about this New Orleans strange family. I can’t wait to see what happens in season three, although I think I’ve spoilt the main parts for myself by watching the season four trailer!

What questions do you have about The Originals? Don’t give me spoilers!

Love, Faye x


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