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My point is life is about balance. The good and the bad. The highs and the lows. The pina and the colada – Ellen DeGeneres.

If you know me well, you will know that I try to keep up with a good skincare regime. I’ve bought many a skincare product in the past which I use obsessively for up to three days, before they go on the shelf and come out when I’m feeling extra crazy or wanting to write a review for the blog. To put it mildly, I’m crap at maintaining a skincare regime of any kind, let alone a decent one, apart from when I use my Simple foaming cleanser; that is a beauty product I would use every single day, if I wasn’t travelling.

I don’t even know what possessed me to put this mini face wash into my travel bag back in May. The fact that I’ve only just started to use it says something. It was small, free from a Glamour magazine (not given to me in exchange for a review or anything like that), compact and had pretty packaging. I know, I’m a beauty sucker.

Last week, I put it on the shelf in the shower and just started to use it. My skin has had a really bad breakout recently around my chin area. It won’t go away and it’s been there for over a month I would say. Maybe it’s to do with the lack of daily fresh air, or something in the air, or something entirely different. It definitely doesn’t have anything to do with makeup because I don’t wear any foundation or creams.

The redness has calmed down a little since I started using this Balance Me product. It has also left my skin feeling a little more softer than usual, and it has also gradually cleansed and broken away the small spots I get around my jawline, close to my ears.

It says that it “cleanses, balances and refreshes” normal to combination skin. I definitely feel like it does that. After working in a pub all day, where, no, your face doesn’t get extremely dirty, but in the varying humid and hot weather conditions that Queensland has to offer right now, my skin does get dry and sticky in different areas. I am a sufferer of combination skin. In the morning, the Balance Me face wash equalises it all whilst making it feel like new every day. I genuinely feel better after I’ve used this during my morning showers. Plus, it gets rid of any excess mascara that my makeup wipe missed the night before.

The smell is a unique one. Being combined with 98.8% natural ingredients, its fragrance is definitely that of a kind of mossy woods scent. It does have a leaf extract in it which is an organic ingredient alongside various flower and leaf oils which are natural pure essence oils. I haven’t smelled anything like it before, and it smells very natural. I wouldn’t say I didn’t like the smell, I’m unsure as to whether I love it or not.

All in all, the Balance Me Face Wash is something that, after finishing this tube in the near future, would be something I would buy when I return back to the UK. I have no idea what sort of prices they are, but even if it’s out of my usual Simple budget, it’s well worth the buy.

The skincare range is also against animal testing!

Have you used any of the Balance Me products? Would you recommend any other beauty products in their range?

Love, Faye x


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