I'm Focused On Writing

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing – Benjamin Franklin.

Remember the days when blogs were literally just a standard colour and a load of paragraphs? I remember creating my first blog and back then it was just meh, okay. On today’s scale it would be below the low standard. Blogs nowadays are stunning and beautiful to look at. It is what visually captivates their audience, posessing them to venture deeper to the written word alongside its visual aid.

I am already planning my blog makeover for next July. Yes. Next July. There is a reason for this: time and a lack of laptop. Whilst I am travelling, I want to actually travel and see and hear things that I can write about for the blog; when I do the rehaul, I want to be focused on it, and I just cant do that whilst I am travelling.

So, for now, it is all about the writing for me. It is not an excuse for the not-so-blog-like imagery, but what even is that anyway? It is the notion that blogger photography has to be perfect. I see so many blog posts on how to create the perfect flatlay, how to take stunning pictures, how to do this and that. Isn’t that what makes bloggers unique? What if we didn’t all do the same kind of photography and imagery? Bloggers seem to be striving to perfection all the time, and yet want to be different.

I do love stunning imagery, a lot. I guess it depends on the type of blog that you have. For example, In The Frow is one of my ultimate blog favourites. It is luxurious, dreamy and looks like an online magazine. Therefore, her photography and imagery reflects that, with its perfection. Another one similar to In The Frow is Fashion Mumblr. She also has the luxurious element to her blog. They are bloggers, first and foremost: the entire package. As a result, their photography combined with their words, their videos, their social media is what makes them, them.

For me, I prefer the wordy side. I guess thats why I’ll always be a writer before a blogger, I rely on the written word to describe the travels in great length and detail with a more crappy image, rather than an outstanding image reflecting the post to readers. And yet, this combined with a less-than-pleasing-to-the-eye blog layout makes people less likely to come back. I am a victim of this, and yes that makes me a slight hypocrite. I feel like I’ve been visually brainwashed into looking at pretty things when my own work is pretty once you read it, if that makes sense.

Sometimes I wish I could take a stunning flatlay, but that’s not really me. At all. In fact, I am more of the no-marble but tarnished-wood kind of gal. And in the end, it is the written word that I count on, that is my passion, that is what I’m good at. And that, ultimately, is why I am focusing on what I’m doing right now, which is to create paragraphs of descriptions with a filtered photo taken from my Samsung A5.

What do you think about words versus pictures when it comes to blogging?

That was quite the ramble about writing. I just love writing so much.

Love, Faye x


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