LDR 101 | 6 Netflix Films to Avoid

I want the fairytale – Pretty Woman.

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We all know by now that I am kind of a Netflix fiend. I love to go on up to my room after work at night, put my PJs on, get comfy in bed with a can of coke and flick across the hundreds of TV shows and films that are on offer via Netflix. Anything romantic, and anything that screams rom com, are my favourite kinds of films.

However, this combined with being in a long distance relationship can be a recipe short of disaster. I’m sitting there, all comfy, enjoying the film about two people who are destined to be together, and then I remember. I remember that my other half is half a world away and I watch the two love birds in a new light, one that is coloured with all the awws and the how sweet vibes whilst that green eyed monster crawls up onto my shoulder. Yes. I realise that these are simply stories, but they have representations and meanings, and the actors don’t love each other but can still canoodle because that’s their job, whilst I am sitting alone, with a can of coke (without vodka or amaretto) for company.

Bearing all of this insanity in mind, I put together a list of films that you should definitely not watch but most likely will when you’re half a world away, or even a couple of hours away from your partner.

1. Anything by Nicholas Sparks. The undying love between two people will make you cry into your ice cream.

2. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days (and similar opposites attract films: When Harry Met Sally, The Proposal…). It will make you miss even the annoying things that cause arguments between you.

3. P.S. I Love You. This film will make you want to book that flight or train ticket home for the next day because it shows that life is too short to spend away from your loved one, but here you are – away from your loved one. It’s another one that will make you cry into your tub of ice cream too.

4. Remember Me. Young love with “unconventional” family backgrounds that makes them closer as a couple, and also creates a very real relationship in a matter of weeks, not to mention all the cute parts where words are not needed.

5. Pretty Woman.The classic romantic film of the 90s – the one that shows everyone can be loved no matter what their chosen career is, or how far flung from each other’s “worlds” they are. Love is what matters.

6. My Best Friend’s Wedding. Wedding films are a no go for a start. They make you think of love and the future and weddings, obviously. The married couple is sick with happiness. If you want to think deeper into the storyline, it’s all about a timing issue and what ifs, and you don’t need to put yourself under that added stress.

And there you have it. I might watch one of these tonight though… I can only blame myself.

What films would you avoid when you’re in an LDR?

Love, Faye x


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