73 Reasons We Love Gilmore Girls

As long as Everything is exactly the way I want it, I can be totally flexible – Lorelai Gilmore.

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For the past three weeks, I watched every single episode of Gilmore Girls on Netflix every waking hour that I was not in work. That is 153 hours, so I’ve read. This was not a healthy addiction. In fact, I would go so far as to say it was worse than Lorelai’s addiction to coffee. I am in Australia, where right now it is above thirty degrees most days, just like how it is right now and yet I was inside writing this blog post and watching Gilmore Girls day in day out. There is something wrong with me. Nevertheless, I know that Gilmore Girls makes the majority of the twenty-odd year olds in this world do crazy things because it is just so damn good.

I remember watching episodes here and there on E4 back in 2010, and loving it then. Now that I have seen every single episode, it’s no wonder why our generation just loves it so much. It reflects our lives in so many ways, and the characters are incredibly crafted with their qualities, good and bad, not to mention Melissa McCarthy and Milo Ventimiglia playing important roles in the series before catapulting to fame.

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Here are just 73 reasons and thoughts why we all love the two Lorelais in our life and their favourite, and not-so-favourite, people:

1. Dean’s hair.
2. Jess.
3. Lorelai’s denial of her feelings for Luke.
4. All the boys fall for the “good” girl.
5. Fast food.
6. The cute town vibe.
7. Kirk’s “everywhereness”.
8. Luke’s attitude towards everything.
9. Dean – Rory – Jess Triangle.
10. The desire to love and hate Paris at the same time.

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11. Chad Michael Murray’s appearance in season one.
12. The stark difference between Lorelai and Emily.
13. The representation that young mums don’t ruin their lives after teenage pregnancy.
14. Early millennial fashion.
15. Cubed heels.
16. Coffee infused mornings.
17. The jokes/quotes/lines/conversations/anecdotes that we all repeat in daily life.
18. The amount of suitors that Lorelai and Rory have to choose from – all handsome, funny and charming in their own way.
19. Melissa McCarthy.
20. Sookie’s ability to run a kitchen and be a safety hazard at the same time.

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21. The fairytale element in reality.
22. It’s the perfect bingeworthy show on Netflix. You can’t say no to the next episode.
23. Lorelai as a mother. She encourages house parties.
24. Lorelai/Rory role reversal. A Freaky Friday effect.
25. Richard’s love for Rory.
26. The disappointment in Lorelai but praise for Rory.
27. No dream is ever too big or too small.
28. Everyone knows everyone in Stars Hollow.
29. They always have time for everything. Study/sleep/coffee/dates/Friday night dinner/food/more coffee/school/work/chill time etc etc.
30. Lane’s obsession with music.

31. Mrs Kim and her crazy outbursts.
32. The inevitability of not knowing who is the best option for Rory. JESS.
33. You get all the feels when Rory is planning for college. She was one of the inspirations for you to go to university and do well in school.
34. Michel’s sarcasm.
35. Lorelai and Rory look like mother and daughter.
36. Kirk’s NEED to be helpful all the time.
37. Town meetings.
38. Miss Patty’s stories of the days on stage, and her posh cigarette holder.
39. Michel’s jealousy of Tobin.
40 Sookies quite normal breakdown about becoming a mum.

41. Lorelai and Luke’s friendship – even though they are destined to be together.
42. Luke’s attire – plaid shirt and baseball cap.
43. Taylor’s incessant ridiculousness about the town rules.
44. The different town events and shows.
45. Rory’s short hair – love it or hate it? I’m undecided.
46. The fast pace of Yale newspaper.
47. Deans blatant love for Rory despite getting married to someone else.
48. Wondering how Rory fits in five subjects, the newspaper, Friday night dinners and Luke’s cafe when you could do two.
49. Luke as the perfect father figure for Rory.
50. Paris’s five seconds as a happy go lucky version of herself.

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51. Rory being a complete and utter bookworm.
52. Emily going against the Internet; now everyone including your great grandma is on the Internet.
53. Rory’s bedroom.
54. The crazy quirks that make the characters who they are and how they create hilarious awkwardness.
55. Both of the Gilmore houses.
56. Rory’s shy awkwardness.
57. The use of phones with cords.
58. When Lorelai and Rory fight and you remember that they do have a normal mother-daughter relationship.
59. Sookie and Jackson provide the hilarious antidote when there is a more serious storyline for the episode.
60. We fall in love with every guy that Rory does despite loving the last one too.

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61. Logan opens up a new world to Rory, making her grow in a new way.
62. Emily and Richard are irresistible to each other and it’s old couple adorable.
63. When Lorelai refers to her mum as a serial killer/Adolf/evil.
64. Every single conversation between Lorelai and Rory.
65. The joy when Luke and Lorelai finally get it together, and the devastation when it’s over.
66. The pure anticipation and excitement for the return of Gilmore Girls very soon!
67. Rory goes to sleep well early for a 19 year old.
68. It really breaks your heart when Lorelai and Rory don’t get along. You know it’s a big deal when they’re not talking.
69. Babette and Miss Patty as the gossip queen duo.

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70. The excitement when you know Jess is returning for an episode.
71. The soundtrack.
72. There are always multiple things we can relate to.
73. Lorelai and Rory always colour co-ordinated to Friday Night Dinner.

What are your reasons for your love of Gilmore Girls?

Love, Faye x


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