19 Thoughts About Your Backpack

That’s the difference between backpackers and holiday makers. The former can’t help but invite hassle whilst the latter pay to escape it – Harry Whitewolf.

Whilst travelling, there is a love/hate relationship with your one constant companion. It holds everything you hold dear during your many buses, trains and planes across the world, and it can also be your worst nightmare. Your backpack is that thing that you cannot lose, because without it every other piece that you have dragged halfway across the world will be lost too. Nevertheless, there is the sense of annoyance and half-fright when it comes to packing up your things again. Cramming every last piece of item that is yours into one or two bags can be a scary thing, especially when you refuse to leave anything behind like the good, selfish, hoarding person you are. It is also an exciting experience, for me anyway, because it means that you are getting ready to leave again, to find the new adventure that awaits.

The thoughts that go through your head when it comes to your backpack are probably mixed in with too much emotion. It’s almost as if this backpack is a living creature that you are carting around everywhere, as if it has a fault of its own the majority of the time too. Getting rid of some things (link) during your travels helps ease the life of a backpack, but still, you have to rely on it for some things, and so the torment begins…

1. Why aren’t you big enough?
2. Please don’t break.
3. You are breaking my back. Literally.
4. I hate you.
5. Thank god you’re safe.
6. Why do you crease everything?
7. I’m far too tired to lift you up today.
8. Where have you hidden my favourite top?
9. I don’t know what I’d do without you.
10. We did it! We made it!
11. I wish I had bought you in a brighter colour.
12. Where the f@*k are you?
13. How did you put on so much weight?
14. I love how you are the perfect size for all my things right now.
15. There is space left! I can buy more things.
16. I’m going to have to leave some favourites. You’ve put me in a horrible position.
17. Why can’t you be more like X, Y or Z? Or even A?
18. I wish you had wheels.
19. We’ve come this far, let’s keep on going.

I always said that I wanted a backpack for when I was travelling, rather than a suitcase. I was going backpacking not suitcasing, plus I didn’t want to have to drag my bag along the floor: I was so naive. However, saying that, I have a pretty decent backpack where it’s easier to find things than others, plus it can be carried as a bag rather than a backpack too, not that I would ever do that because it is far too heavy, and I’m not insane.

Do you get along with your backpack? I say this as if it is a living thing.

Love, Faye x


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