My First Luxury Lippy

If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack – Coco Chanel.

Don’t you love it when Christmas is extended a week or so? It’s that time period between Christmas and New Year where there are presents left unopened under the tree because you didn’t have time to visit their new owners, somehow. I returned from Sydney with a lovely little surprise in my post box – my long-awaited present from best friend and P.I.C, Ellie, or Lemon as I like to call her.

I screamed when I opened it, and then I jumped up and down and ran into my bedroom to take a closer look. Why? I don’t know. I was giddy with excitement, because what was inside it was something that I would have never guessed. At. All.

I immediately messaged her like what are you doing buying me ChanelCHANEL lipstick?! I then thanked her a million times and told her I loved her.

I think that I was most shocked that it was such a luxury brand, which I shouldn’t because this is Ellie and I know what she’s like – loves a bit of luxury does our Lem! And what she wrote on the note was pretty amazing too! Of course I have to wear a red Chanel lippy for work! There is no alternative really when dealing with beautiful fragrances in David Jones in Melbourne City!

I finally got around to playing with it, after taking the blog photos obviously… because I can’t just rip open an amazing present like any normal person. I have to preserve it in mint condition until the photos are taken, edited and cleared.

It is unbelievably beautiful. It is called Rouge Allure Velvet, number 56, Rouge Chanel. That’s what is on the bottom of the lipstick anyway, and it was made in France! The colour is phenomenal, like Nicole Kidman’s Moulin Rouge lips, but better. And the details of the Chanel engraving are fab. To other people, it might be something insignificant, but to me, that detail is what makes it incredible.

When applying it, it glides on, like a figure skater gliding across clouds. That’s how you know it’s luxury. It is super soft, like cashmere. Plus, it is so much easier to put this red lipstick on that any other drugstore lipstick. I hardly made any mistakes; bear in mind that I cannot put lipstick on for shit. It goes everywhere, either that or it looks like half of my lips are missing, especially the top lip. I did made a tiny mistake, but no fear – a dab of the Garnier Micellar Water on a cotton bud made that disappear instantly. That never happens with my normal red lipstick routine in the morning. It requires a lot of dabbing and concealer usually. So there is a huge bonus there.

The only thing that I have with it is that it’s not extremely long-lasting. It lasts a good couple of hours but after eating lunch and being out in the city for a couple of hours, the majority of it does come off. I wonder if that’s the generic thing for lipsticks though, and why you should always carry one in your bag, which I really need to start doing. Before eating, however, it was still on there in it’s full force of red glory. Even when I drank from my water bottle, it didn’t come off, nor did it smudge like the other drugstore lippies I’ve tried.

I am a tad obsessed with the clickety-click feature. I love that it almost locks in place and unlocks to then twist. It’s the small details, again, that make the difference.

If I’m to become more of a lipstick wearer, I will be splurging on a couple of luxury ones, rather than spend all my lippy money on a load from the cheapest high street brand. However, that won’t be until I can actually afford to spend money on luxury items. I may just be cheeky and ask for more on special occasions!

What was your first luxury makeup item? Could you tell the difference straightaway? Which do you prefer?

Love, Faye x


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