Switching Off – From The World Outside Of WA

Like all great travellers, I have seen more than I remember and remember more than I have seen – Benjamin Disraeli.

Having zero signal for longer than two hours whilst on land is something that, in this day and age, many millennials cannot deal with, myself included. We are constantly on our phones, iPads, computers, laptops – any kind of smart device that we can get our hands on. For me, I am constantly scrolling through Facebook – mostly aimlessly these days – Twitter and Instagram, constantly seeking out the updates of other people’s lives and, quite frankly, not really fully enjoying my own in that moment. How can we say that we are living our own lives to the full when we are always looking at other people’s lives?… sometimes wishing our own life would look like theirs too.

Of course, there are more important matters than scrolling through social media, although that is the number one thing that we are all guilty of doing on our phones; we have people to keep in contact with, people to update about our safety; our lives; telling them that we miss them and love them; wanting to know what they have been up to too. This was the hardest part of switching off; not knowing exactly when we were able to catch up with our nearest and dearest.

A huge however, nevertheless, switching off for a few days definitely did me the world of good. It sounds cheesy but almost being at one with nature during my most recent trip was the best thing about my entire nine and a half months in Australia. I loved every second, even the flies and the moths and the grasshoppers, because it allowed me to fully immerse myself in the moment. That is not to say that I didn’t miss speaking to my boyfriend daily – of course I did, especially that good morning and good night message that is a daily ritual between us – as well as my parents every few days and friends practically every day too. But, allowing myself to be completely free of technology was actually a dream come true in a bizarre way.

I didn’t worry about how many views or followers this blog had during my time away and that was such a refreshing feeling – to not care about how it doesn’t grow every day, because the fact is – it doesn’t. It only grows on the days that I post, and it takes so much hard work to constantly get more readers and therefore, more views. Not having that pressure on myself (because it is only myself who lays this pressure on me) was a complete weight off of my shoulders. Fayebeline is a huge part of my life – my friends, family and definitely JR will tell you that sometimes I put way too much into this, so much so that it takes over my real life, the one where I’m literally just living and enjoying it without having to constantly note everything down and take the perfect photograph for Instagram or update Twitter with #travelbloggers in order to get more audience response. As I write this, I’m not worrying about my WordPress account. Give me a few days though, and I’ll probably be back to statistics, filters and having a constant flow of content ideas. I hope it’s not a must rather than a want for my hobby and yes, career portfolio.

Switching off allowed me to take in my surroundings, and oh my goodness they were stunning surroundings. There will definitely be more blog posts to come about my incredible experience up the west coast – I have already made notes of titles and how to share these memories, places and people on the blog – so I didn’t completely switch off from Fayebeline. A lot of it has already been written in my personal journal – some days even amounting to five pages or more because I could not stop writing about it. I loved every second and would do that entire trip again in a heartbeat, even switching off from the world and allowing the waterfalls, rock formations, dusty roads and annoying mosquitos to be my world for ten more days.

What are your thoughts about switching off from the Internet world? Would you go without signal and connection for a few days? Because it was just for around four days that I went completely without, by the way!

Love, Faye x


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