Surprises And Travel Changes

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware – Martin Buber.

Following from my last post about having a bit of a blogging hiatus, I’m hoping to be getting back on the bandwagon as soon as possible, as in posting regularly and finally sharing all of my incredible travel stories, some of them from way, way back; I have quite the backlog of photos, ideas and places that I need to write about and look back on in fondness. Right now, however, I thought I would give a little life update of where about in the world I am… I am at home.

It has been so hard to not shout it from the rooftops and post it all over my social media that I was coming home a little earlier than planned. I have always wanted to do a massive surprise to all my loved ones at home, especially my mum and dad. I had that thought in my head before I actually left the country to go travelling ten months ago. Keeping my mouth shut for six months paid off because the looks on everyone’s faces was incredible: something that I will never, ever forget. I didn’t realise how little old me could make so many people that shocked and happy in one split second. Nothing will top that kind of feeling.

In the few days since I’ve been home, I’ve been making some decisions – some that, beforehand, I thought were pretty big decisions but in retrospect, they weren’t that much of a big decision because they turned out to be pretty easy decisions to make which shows where my heart lies right now.

I always had this notion that people would judge me, or try to talk me out of cutting my trip shorter, saying why on earth would you do that? What are you thinking? It turns out everyone just wants me to be happy, whatever the cost – the literal cost that is. Well, those who I’ve spoken to; those who are closest to me. Anyone else, I don’t really care what they think.

Instead of heading back to Australia for a long period of time which would end up costing me more money before actually finding work and then earning, I’ve decided to join two of my best travel friends at the end of the month in Bali and then head on to Singapore for a few days before flying home on a flight that I haven’t yet booked, which is typical me really, isn’t it? I book loads of flights months and months in advance to decide to not go down that route and cancel them all, but the one flight I definitely need to book I haven’t done so yet.

In all honesty, I feel as though this personal journey of mine is nearing the final chapter which will be Bali and Singapore. I have learnt a lot about Australia, travelling, life and most importantly, myself. I feel as though I really did need this travel experience to explore the world and to become a stronger version of myself. I’m ready now for the next chapter of my life, but one more month of travel is something that will be a beautiful send off to this stage of life.

However, my life of travel won’t end there. God, no. I’m heading to Cyprus in September for a huge family wedding, and there are plans of going away for my 25th birthday in May.

I’m happy, and that’s all that matters. Money, jobs, grown up stuff can come later.

Love, Faye x



  1. Joanne
    March 6, 2017 / 4:54 pm

    Awwwww faye you kept that well quite hehe so happy you returned home and so happy you have had the best time anyone would dream of !
    Am so proud of you to actually plan and do the things you wanted and carry them out was amazing to see and follow your journeys . Am so happy your home and can’t wait to see you to hear all about it 🙂
    Roll on may it will be fun to be all together for family celebrations . Love you lots seee you soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • March 6, 2017 / 4:58 pm

      I was so good wasn’t I! Haha. I’m well good at keeping secrets and surprising people! I’ve had such an amazing experience! Yes it will be fun to be back! I’m actually back for good from the 26th April! So roll on the celebrations! Love you ❤❤

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