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Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams – Ralph Waldo Emmerson.

Today is a special day, not only because it’s my 25th birthday (queue quarter-life crisis bottle of prosecco) but because I’ve finally gone and rehauled the blog! To be honest, this has been a long time coming with the original notes – that I haven’t particularly looked at – being written way before I even left the country last year.


Like I said, it was about time that I logged onto the internet and felt really proud of what I was putting out into the world with my name plastered all over the by-line. Of course, I want Fayebeline to be something that people look at and think, wow, this girl knows a little bit of what she’s doing when they are searching for new blogs. Ultimately though, I did this for myself. I spent money that I don’t have in order to make this blog look and feel beautiful just so that I have something out there that I can be proud to say is my own. It might seem silly to some of you; it’s only a blog, it isn’t a career, it’s definitely not at career standard. So why do I put so much effort into it? It has truly turned into something that I adore doing. I don’t like sports; I never kept music up; I don’t have a lot of spare cash flying around so I can actually go on monthly trips – I know: I’ve just gotten back. I don’t need to abscond again. This is what I enjoy, and I want Fayebeline to reflect that.


State the obvious: the entire layout is different, and the header too. I wanted something different, that’s the whole point of a rehaul, right? Kinda like a new start, but carrying on with the same ideas and content. The primary focuses will still be travel, books and lifestyle. Like I say in the About tab, Fayebeline started out as a bad beauty blog in order to try and fit in with the influx of already-amazing beauty blogs out there. I don’t own enough makeup – that isn’t about three years old – to do beauty posts, and I certainly don’t wear enough of it either. I’m much more of the au natural kinda girl who leaves the whole concept of beauty to the nights out on the town. I will be trying to do a lot more book content, however. Before, I only wrote reviews, but there is so much more to books that the reviews I write. Like what? You’ll just have to keep checking back to the Books tab to find out!


I pledge to keep Fayebeline alive for as long as I allow it – to create content, beautiful or not, and to be real, raw and true as well as have a lot of fun with it too.

I hope you enjoy following the adventures of a twenty-odd year old who hasn’t quite grasped the idea of adulthood, especially seeing as though Peter Pan is still my favourite book, and we all know he definitely won’t grow up.

Love, Faye xo




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