A Little Positivity Doesn’t Hurt Nobody

The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible – Winston Churchill.

Sitting here on a Sunday night whilst JR plays FIFA, I have just spent a good twenty minutes wondering what to blog about for Monday morning – which is when this will go live. I have a huge list of travel posts that have been backlogged for months. I still have loads of Australia content to get my shizz together and write about, just like I have a huge list of Bali content too. However, I didn’t feel up to the challenge of writing them, because they will take me hours and hours, and the preliminary notes are all at home, so I thought I’d go old-school blogging and have a general catch up.

When I got home from Singapore – officially ending my eleven-month adventure – I wrote this post about what happens after you’ve travelled for a really long time. Spoiler: you get the post-travel blues and, if I’m honest, a little bit scared. You see, when I was travelling, I had this idea that everything would slot into place once I returned home – mentally. I knew, obviously, career-wise, it would be extremely difficult to lift off again and just do what I love most. I would love, adore, be-so-happy-forever if I turned my passion of writing into a paid career at the click of my fingers. Ha! That isn’t going to happen without all the hard work, plus more because of how competitive the industry is. I always say to myself why did I have to have writing as a career choice? It seems impossible. However, nothing is impossible; hence the opening quote, one of which I am definitely writing down and keeping close to me.

Nevertheless, I didn’t realise how hard “life” was actually going to be. The past month has been really tough: emotionally, financially, not physically because I haven’t been to the gym once or done anything too extravagant. Right now, I’m getting my act together a little more. I’m being more proactive, and after a couple of setbacks job-wise, I have a couple more interviews. Yes, they’re not to be the next top writer, but they are there to get me back on my feet, to put money in my pocket and to start taking the first step for the next chapter of my life.

I am twenty-five now. The quarter-life crisis is brimming around the edges. I’m back to the point where I know what I want in the long run, but I’m not sure what I want right now. I guess that’s okay. It’s good to keep an open mind, to wonder a little bit about what’s next before putting it in motion.

The quote when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change, said by Wayne Dyer, is something that rings true to me. The week before last I was looking at things all wrong; I wasn’t taking the whole I need a job right now thing seriously until I had a major setback from an interview. I didn’t get the job I wanted. Shit happens. I wallowed for too long and then I got back on it by writing a blog post and applying for nine jobs in one day. I then went to meet my best friend for a hot chocolate after a walk in the afternoon sun. It was a great day. It was a great day because I had actually been positive and proactive. 

I may or may not get any of those jobs. Fingers crossed I do! At least I had a go instead of sitting there, feeling sorry for myself.

To finish this little heart to heart with whoever reads it; I could just be talking to myself… I’m going to leave some little nuggets of how to get back on the road to positivity, a rocky road that is hard to do for some people, I know, but anything that helps in a small way.

1. Be proactive. 

When you feel as though you have accomplished something – anything – it makes you feel good about yourself and that little bit more proud.

2. Do something that you love. 

Whether it’s doing something creative, playing a game, listening to music, that small thing that puts a smile on your face for even a second will help you have a better day.

3. Go outside. 

I mentioned this in what makes me happy. If I stay indoors for two days straight, I go a bit cray cray, even if I’ve done something productive. The day I went for a walk after applying for so many jobs made the day because I had been proactive and gotten fresh air in my lungs too. Plus, I need all the Vitamin D I can get after getting so much from my travels.

4. Cleanse. 

Whether this is your face, your hair, your room, your house… cleansing something really helps start my day on the right foot. I have started to try and get in the shower as soon as I wake up, before I go downstairs, so I feel fresher and therefore able to make the most of my day which then helps me feel better about it too.

5. Share the positivity. 

If you show how much you are having a good day with others – as long as they’re not feeling like crap; don’t rub it in their faces – it goes a long way. When people see how happy you are, they can’t help but be happy for you too, the ones that count.

Wearing Chanel lipstick in colour Rouge Allure Velvet, number 56.

I hope you enjoyed my little catch up. I quite enjoyed rambling my little heart out: getting things off of your chest is also a great way to build the positivity in life (without overloading you with zen).

How do you create a positive life?

Love, Faye xo


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