An Inspiring Weekend At The British Style Collective

Buying items with more integrity is a lovely way to move the fashion industry forward – Caryn Franklin.

The British Style Collective seems like it was so long ago, like a distant dream; the kind that you never want to wake up from. If you didn’t know, where have you been? – especially if you love all things fashion and beauty because that is basically what the biggest fashion show in Europe is all about.

Born as The Clothes Show with a home in Birmingham every December, the BSC has had a complete makeover, complete with a name change, a brand new city and a city-wide takeover. Its next destination was Liverpool which I have been buzzing about since they announced it around Christmas time last year. Despite living it up in Melbourne at the time, I was silently itching for it to be July so I could come and see an event that I have been waiting patiently to take part in for years.

I have to say I enjoyed it immensely. I was lucky enough to grab a press pass and head to every aspect of the event as a blogger, despite the name change. I assure everyone who saw me, I am not called Fayeliscious; I am still very much Fayebeline and always will be.


This was 100% the highlight of the event for me, and to think I waited until the 2pm showing on Sunday to go and see it?! Hosted by Mollie King (Kimberly Walsh on the Saturday) from the Saturdays and DJ Anton Powers from Capital Liverpool – who I love, btw, AND the Capital Breakfast team, it was a local star-studded start already. I have always been a huge fan of Juice FM, before it turned into Capital so have loved these DJs and radio presenters for ages!

The fashion event itself was spectacular. No words are going to be able to describe it in a way that gives it justice, but I shall try. The models were incredible with washboard abs, soft-skin (I’m almost certain of it), glorious shiny hair and mesmerising faces. The BSC couldn’t have picked any other models for this particular show as they completed every scene and every act with perfection – they are models after all. Darkness shrouded in the stage in parts; flashing lights beamed and sparkled in the arena, lighting up the stage and a new line of fashion that had the entire audience in awe. An array of textures, materials, shapes and sizes polluted the stage, making me wish I had more money to just be able to even try some of these outstanding outfits on, just once.

Not only was the fashion aspect incredible, the showcase that literally danced and ran alongside it was spectacular, like a complete circus act with a mesmerising performance from the dancers. If you’ve read The Night Circus, you can imagine in your mind the same kind of magical performance that alludes to the thin line between mystery and reality. This is how it felt when watching some of the performance, especially the scene that was aptly named The Circus. It was beautiful to watch. The dancers completed their roles in a fabulous flourish, playing each of their roles in the dramatic, serious ways during one performance and fun and carefree in another.

It is hard to believe that the show only lasted an hour. I could have stayed in there for a lot longer than that and I’m secretly hoping that if there are more showcases to be had next year, there will be a longer performance because if you went, or if you go, you’ll get lost in the breath-taking moment.


I was rubbish with the fashion shows. I only got to see one which was David Ferreira’s collection. He is adorable as well and a fashion genius. Taking inspiration from the circus and freak shows (can you tell I was loving the circus aspect of the BSC?!) his creations were wacky and wild with fabulous finishes. I don’t know where you could wear some of the outfits but oh-my-god were they mesmerising. Some of the dresses I wish I could pull off myself, but for now I’ll just continue to be in awe of them.

I really want to see more of the catwalks next year because I forgot how much I loved them and all of the bloggers who went said they were incredible, so I missed out really!


I stood in front of Jo Elvin and all I did was smile at her. I was in awe of her and I couldn’t stop smiling. I couldn’t make my words out to her to tell her how much I loved her and Glamour Magazine. I was in shock. Her talks were the ones I circled to make sure I got there because I really wanted to hear her speak. And she spoke about the Glamour Awards which I’ve been following for years. She is an inspiration, completely, especially as she was an editor at the age of 23! Alessandra Steinherr, Glamour’s Beauty Director, was also there and she’s just fabulous as was Caryn Frankling – amazing – Henry Holland – he is hilarious – and plenty of others, all hosted by the lovely Antonia O’Brien who is just as fabulous and amazing as her interviewees.


Of course, the Liverpool bloggers were all out in force and I have loved catching up with their Instagram, their blogs, their Twitter accounts and meeting them in person. They are all absolutely fabulous and some have even become firm friends of mine over the weekend, especially Jess from Jessi Lou and Danielle from Danielle Levy who I hung out with the majority of the time.

Liverpool bloggers who took the stage were the incredible Steph from Scouse Bird, who I have been following since I lived in Spain, four years ago. She tells it as it is and is a true scouse bird; the lovely Pingkan from Life of Pingkan who takes the best photos, I have been told and her photos are incredible; Emma from The Emasphere who reminded us all to be ourselves no matter what and to just go for it, forgetting what anybody says alongside Abi from Blush & Noise who’s Instagram is pretty incredible.

They were also joined by Mancunian bloggers Megan Ellaby and Sabina from Fashernably Late who were both fab, as always. I adore their content!


How I wish I wasn’t poor. Oh, how I wish it. I would have bought a lot more stuff if I had the money too, and I would have gotten makeovers, had glitter put on my face and bought nearly everything under the sun. I am a shopaholic, so I’m saving for next year! And, I’ll try and wait out buying new summer clothes until the BSC comes around again… I doubt that’ll happen.

There were so many cool brands there such as Miss Pap, Glamour (I definitely treated myself to a subscription!), River Island, Accessorize, Andrew Collinge (I got my hair done!), Pixi and more. I’m so jealous of everyone who had multiple bags.


On the Friday, I literally only popped in after work to grab my badge and a Glamour goody bag whilst it was quiet, but for Saturday and Sunday, I like to think I dressed half-fashionably.

Day 2: Saturday

I wore this ASOS skirt which I bought for a wedding last year, and I haven’t worn it since so I thought I would wear that to give me a more girly and occasion-wear finish, alongside this grey top (which it was a little bit too hot for!) that I absolutely love as the back is cropped in shape that allows others to see the tattoo on my spine. I paired them with these old New Look ankle boots which are normally really, really comfy but that day they killed me! I also wore my green satchel bag from TK Maxx – I love their handbags!

Day 3: Sunday

I decided to go more casual as it was a Sunday and my feet were still killing from the day before. These jeggings are from Marks and Spencers, I think with the dolly shoes being from New Look as well as my lime green duster coat – I always get so many great compliments from this and I love it! My top is from a little quirky boutique in Port Douglas. Although it’s slightly ruined and frayed along the bottom now, I still love it because of the back!


  1. I’ll be taking a proper camera to get way better photos!
  2. Take more photos!!
  3. I’ll also be booking the Friday off work so I can experience the entire weekend.
  4. I’m going to take a smaller bag and have to sacrifice reading my book on the bus!
  5. I will be saving way more money to go absolutely wild in the Shopping Halls.
  6. I’m planning my outfits in advance because as much as I loved this year’s outfits, I want to get there earlier and be more at ease.
  7. Maybe not wear heels at all, or take gel insoles. My feet killed on the Saturday!
  8. I’ll be making sure I take advantage of every single thing next year, including the gin garden!

The incredible Gary James McQueen collection – I stood in the same room as him!!

I seriously cannot wait for the 13th – 15th July 2018! Roll on next year!

Love, Faye xo




  1. July 24, 2017 / 7:39 am

    I was so, so gutted that I couldn’t make this weekend! I kept seeing all you guys there on Instagram and it made me wish I was there even more (stupid London haha)!

    I’m also v jealous that you got to see Jo Elvin – although I think I’d have done the same as you and just stood there a little starstruck!

    That ASOS skirt is BEAUT! 😍

    Soph x |

    P.S I passed on your blog to the Capital Liverpool team and they all say hello and have something to ask you which I’m going to tweet you about now haha! 🙂 xx

    • Faye
      July 24, 2017 / 8:08 am

      Make sure you come next year!! I can’t wait already! Haha. I’m hoping and praying that nothing comes up like a wedding or something over that weekend 😂🙈. Ahh I am following your London journey and you’re doing fab! It’s hard to go somewhere completely new so keep doing it. You’re amazing!

      Jo Elvin was probably like oh lord 😂.

      Thank you!! (Still can’t believe it – made my Monday morning for sure!) Xx

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