Mishaps & Bandages In Nusa Lembongan – A Day In The Life Of A Backpacker

There are no accidents… There is only some purpose that we haven’t yet understood – Deepak Chopra.

I haven’t written a good old day in the life since I stayed in that God-forsaken hostel in Melbourne back in February, and quite frankly I don’t want to go back to that memory. There have been plenty of laughable days (in hindsight) that I haven’t shared with you on Fayebeline just yet, and when I asked the question on Twitter of which travel post I should write next, it was one of these that you chose.

Today, I thought I would reflect on the moment that me and my friend, Alice, nearly died…

We didn’t nearly die, but if we weren’t wearing helmets we probably would have ended up in the only hospital in Nusa Lembongan. Go us for using our common sense – and our near-psychic abilities – by asking for helmets to wear.

I was already dubious about the mopeds. I didn’t really love them, just like I have a slight fear of bicycles – which I later faced in Gili T and Gili Air, and even got drunk whilst riding one! I refused to drive the moped because when I tried, I literally nearly face-planted the side of the road and broke the moped. Oh, and also, Alice and I had already had a slight mishap on our first moped when the tyre went flat and we had to roll it to the supermarket, after losing Dan, and running back to our homestay in pitch black, all in the same night. So, mopeds weren’t our friends, and yet we still went on one, because we were backpackers and adventurers, and when in Bali

Back to the story.

We headed over the bridge to a smaller island just off of Nusa Lembongan to discover this beach that everyone raves about (it was closed off) and everything was going great on our moped – hair was swishing, there was laughter, smiles and generally having the time of our lives – until a group of little girls stepped out into the road giggling and wanting to give (or sell) us pretty flowers to which we zoomed out of the way and into a hole in the middle of the road…

When I say everything happened really quickly, it isn’t an understatement. The first part as we were tipping over seemed to go in slow mo, and then Alice and I were on the ground with a moped on top of us, and we were asking each other Are you okay?? about a hundred times. I think I blacked out some of it because I genuinely don’t remember getting to that spot; apparently we both hit our heads. Always wear your helmet.

Then everyone rushed towards us, including the little girls who kinda caused the accident.

At first, there wasn’t much blood and then all of a sudden there was quite a bit. Thank God for the couple who had a bottle of iodine on them. And thank god for the group of Balinese guys who rang our homestay for us and explained the situation.

I’m not gonna lie: I hate blood. I started to feel woozy and sick, and we had to get back on mopeds afterwards which wasn’t fab after just falling off of one.

We headed to the doctors who cleaned our wounds and that also stung; I think what we paid hurt more though. $45 for some gauzes and bandages!

We survived, and I have a lovely big scar on my knee to prove it, which I can’t wait to show off in my pretty dresses and bikinis forevermore. Looking back, it is kinda funny but in the moment I was slightly terrified that it all could have gone wrong and my Bali trip of dreams would have been ruined.

Have you got any scars from accidents whilst travelling? Would you do it all over again despite having said accident?

I reckon I might get back on a moped in the future, and wear something more substantial than flip flops and a flimsy beach dress.

Love, Faye xo





  1. July 24, 2017 / 12:14 pm

    Ahhh this brought back serious backpacking memories…was in Asia for six months last year, rented a moped once and took it back after like an hour. Let’s just say I didnt take to it at all well haha. I’m glad you survived this incident, sounds horrible! I have a weird area of skin on one of my calves from scraping it against an anemone while diving in a current in Thailand, which proceeded to sting me a LOT…most of my leg was covered in a rash for ages. Would of COURSE do it again because I saw some very cool stuff on that dive, but oh my god it hurt. They chucked loads of vinegar all over my legs when we got back up to the boat so I smelt great too, that was fun. Going to binge read all your Bali posts now haha, I loved it there! Sophie xxx


    • Faye
      July 24, 2017 / 11:44 am

      Ahh I didn’t even realise you’d backpacked around Asia! I really wanna head back and see more of it! Haha, me and moped – as you know – are not friends 😂. No way! Sounds so painful! Especially in the sea water too. Yeah, I love the ocean and everything underneath it! Got a bit scared of scubadiving though I’m not gonna lie! Haha. Enjoy! Xxx

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