My Blogging Journey – So Far

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin – Anthony Robbins.

I’ve been toying with this idea for a little while now, and alongside the absolute lack of inspiration lately, I thought that it would be a bit of fun to take a look back at my personal blogging journey, because one of my blogs started way back in 2009, before blogging was a thing.

Back then, I opened up Blogger and decided to start my own blog. I did it for the same reason why I started Fayebeline: I wanted to be a journalist. Specifically, I wanted to get in to Glamour Magazine. That was the dream. It still is; obviously it is a lot more well thought out than the simple “I want to get in to Glamour” as if I were a sneaky Catwoman person who could slink her way inside Glamour HQ undisturbed or something.

The name of this blog was Random;Life;Dream – very original.

“Random;Life;Dream will be a blog about anything that I want to write about; my articles on celebs, real life, movies, music… anything that comes to mind, so enjoy and happy blogging.”

I wrote a total of 34 blog posts between 2009 and 2011; I really thought I had written more. I wrote about my favourite TV shows such as The Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl, about fashion, about my film homework, and just anything that took my fancy. Back then, blogging didn’t have this pressure to be the best: to have the best layout, the best photos, the best anything. It was literally a place to jot down your thoughts and just write. It was as simple as that. As a seventeen year old in sixth form, it was a slight creative outlet, which didn’t contribute anything to the world. It was just there.

After I went to university, I got side-tracked with this entire new life of meeting new people, going out, having a boyfriend, and a shed load of work so that ended Random;Life;Dream – if you want to have a giggle, and see my immense love for Michael Jackson (who was mentioned a few times), go read here.


My next blog came a few months after ending Random;Life;Dream – I wanted to start a new blogging adventure; I was still obsessed with becoming a writer one day:

“You see I want it all and that is definitely the greedy side of me! I want to write a novel, write for film and write for magazines (the massive monthly glossy’s would be extra nice!) and that is the dream.” 

This blog was to be called Señorita Glamourista and I literally loved it. Again, it was a time before blogging was huge, before there were more than ten bloggers as some Cosmo article put it. It was just fun, and a space I could write and let a bit of creativity loose whilst I was studying.

“The name Señorita Glamourista has a few meanings to me: I study Spanish (as well as English Literature) in uni and love everything and anything to do with Spain and Latin America. As for Glamourista, the UK’s biggest magazine for women Glamour is my favourite magazine and everyone likes to have that little sparkle of glamour in their lives don’t they? This can be yours as well as mine.”

God, I think I was more obsessed with Glamour back then than I am now! And I’ve stood in front of Jo Elvin – absolutely gobsmacked – at the British Style Collective.

I have two favourite things about Señorita Glamourista:

1. The outfits I would piece together via Topshop, or River Island. I have done some for Fayebeline but I feel like my tastes for blogging have changed now; I would much rather write about travel or books now, as well as a few too many personal posts. I do enjoy creating style posts in this manner; however in this world of blogging, that would definitely not be good enough. But hey, it’s my blog. I’ll do what I want with it.

2. The monthly inspiration boards: This was the time before Instagram was really a thing, at least to me and my ancient phone. I used to create inspiration boards on Fayebeline too but it slowly etched its way out of my posts. It would actually really inspire me for the month ahead – I might bring them back!

Señorita Glamourista was my own source of inspiration between 2011 and 2013. I was massively out of the loop with everything blogging, because I didn’t really feel like there was as much of a community like there definitely is now. Back then, I would blog solely for the love of wanting to put together my own inspiration boards as well as have a really long portfolio of bits and pieces of my own published writing. And, I loved to write. I still do. I loved to create my own inspiration whereas I now seek other forms of inspiration boards such as on Pinterest and Instagram. Fashion bloggers – who know what they’re doing – inspire me more than creating my own mini boards; although I do love it – and I always will. If you wanna be inspired circa 2012, go ahead and read some random style posts over here.

And now, look at where we are.

I started Fayebeline in 2015, another two years after Señorita Glamourista sadly ended. It started out as my full name – Faye Elizabeth Smith – because I wanted it to be more of a professional portfolio, rather than a blog. That quickly changed, however, because I absolutely love blogging. I love writing every few days – or not – and sharing memories, anecdotes, tips, travels, and of course the books that I am loving.

Now, as we know, blogging is a profession. It’s a “proper job”. It pays the bills. Content is incredible. It is also extremely difficult to stand out as a blogger; even worse for those of us who want to write full time, as our five year old selves dreamt would have happened by now – twenty. years. later. Alas, que será será – what will be, will be (if you work hard enough for it).

The truth of the matter is: I love to blog. The fact that I can write to my hearts content and get a little recognition for it is wonderful. I may never be up there in the blogging gods and goddesses, but I’m quite happy to blog for forever until my wrists (that will have arthritis by then) can’t cope any more.

I hope you enjoyed this rather different, weird, look back on my blogging antics throughout the years.

Have you got posts or blogs that age back to 2009? Or even further? I’d love to see them!

Love, Faye xo


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