5 Fab Things About July

Turn your face to the sun and the shadow falls behind you – Jan Goldstein.

As I write this I’m having a slight meltdown about Australian tax and superannuation which I’m pretty sure I’m close to missing the deadline for, and it’s currently 4am in Sydney so I can’t call them up; even when I did call nobody answered… I hate automated phone calls. Literally think that’s my pet hate. Currently, I’m struggling to stay sane and positive which is why I wanted to find a nice positive quote to open this post (before immediately making it negative again – ha! the balance of life), and so I really wanted to bring that positivity back into my life by writing the monthly round up of fab things.

July has been up and down emotionally: I had a really bad day last week where I just cried and cried and cried. But, then the weekend came and I laughed, a lot. So, ups and downs, and physically too! You wouldn’t think I was going on holiday five weeks today the way my waist band has been increasing ever so slowly throughout the month. I have this need for chocolate lately; and not for just when it’s that time of the month.

In terms of the five fab things, the first three that come to mind are all incredible, amazing, wonderful, fabulous events that happened in Liverpool! Liverpool is the place to be in July. Honestly, if you’re not from round these parts, book your tickets for next year and spend the entire month here.

1. The British Style Collective

Obviously, the first thing that is kicking off this Five Fab Things for the month is the BSC – which you can read about in plenty more detail here. I had such a great time. I had never been to The Clothes Show in Birmingham before, and it was always one of those things that I told myself repeatedly, over and over, that I would book to go a year later. Then it came to Liverpool. It could not have gone better, I don’t think. The atmosphere around St George’s Hall, The Exhibition Centre, and surrounding streets was booming. Fashion and beauty lovers from across the country came to rejoice in our city. I couldn’t be happier, or prouder. And I stood in front of Jo Elvin. I will write that every single chance I get, because I’m still gobsmacked, and ashamed that my mouth did not form any words to say to her.



For those of you who don’t know what LIMF stands for, it is the Liverpool International Music Festival, which takes place in Sefton Park every summer and is completely free! Definite bonus. I’ve never actually been before, and I won’t be making that mistake again. It is incredible. It’s a proper festival with food trucks, a huge bar (although it’s also BYOB), rides and huge stages. It was a chance for me to catch up with my chicas who I met in Murcia, during our year abroad, and so it was a double whammy of fun! I’m already excited for another reunion next year.


3. Liverpool Pride

I think I’ve only just gotten over Saturday’s antics at Liverpool Pride. Yet again, it was a fantastic atmosphere throughout the streets of Liverpool. It was all about sharing the love, and having a few too many drinks on mine and my cousins’ part. Oh well, I’m being good until holiday now. I honestly loved meeting up with my friends, seeing all the policemen and policewomen smiling throughout the day; dancing in a car park and jumping around, having a whale of a time.


4. Receiving my “Save The Date” For A Wedding

I have already put it in my diary for next year. My friend from university, Nat aka Girl Gone Globing (if you want to know anything about the USA visa process, getting a job over there and long distance relationships, go and read her blog!) is having her big English wedding to her husband. I jumped up and down when I received my Save the Date, I was so excited. It’ll be a chance to celebrate a relationship that has gone through so many hardships, and a chance to catch up with all the girls from first year of university, which was quite a long time ago now… seven years! I love weddings too; I always cry.


5. An Exciting Message From A Fellow Blogger

I can’t say what, when, or how, just yet because I don’t know exactly what is happening! All I know is that I am very, very excited and feel very privileged to be the “chosen one” to try something out. I’m sure there will be Instagram pics, stories, Tweets and a blog post to follow the actual experience!


I lived for the weekends a lot last month, and it feels like it was quite a long month in hindsight! So much went on in terms of events and weekends, and obviously work things too. I am excited to see what August brings. This weekend I’m heading down to London to see JR who I haven’t seen in over a month, and there are a few birthdays. I’m also re-joining the gym on Monday so wish me all the luck in the world for that, because I’m going to need it!

Writing that post genuinely cheered me up! The powers of blogging.

How was your July? What were your fab things for the month?

Love, Faye xo


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