Lingerie To Your Doorstep – Empress Mimi Subscription Box

Lingerie is not about seducing men, it’s about embracing womanhood – Dita von Teese.

With Christmas coming up – I know, what’s with the C word already? – it’s time to start thinking gorgeous gifts and getting organised. I’ve practically finished my shopping, with just a few bits to go. One thing that you should consider for a friend, partner, or for yourself, is a lingerie subscription service.

Personally, I had never heard of such a subscription service before – please let me know if I am still in the dark ages – until I saw this possible collaboration with a brand new company called Empress Mimi. Think Dita von Teese mixed with Lady Gaga and your every day woman.

Empress Mimi began as all companies should: between a group of friends, drinking champagne on a London roof-top bar. These girl bosses knew that, for women, lingerie is becoming much more about the woman wearing it than the partner taking it off. When a woman wears a gorgeous set of lingerie underneath her everyday clothes, it really sets the tone for that day – confidence, passion, strength and an inner-sexiness that I know everyone has burning deep inside of them.

I, myself, am a sucker for grabbing the first pair of black knickers and colourful bralet from my underwear drawer because I’m always in a rush in the morning and I wear whatever I can’t feel throughout the day aka what’s the most comfortable. However, with this subscription box to guide me, I’ll be looking out for what makes me feel glamorous and gorgeous no matter the occasion.

Empress Mimi has ticked all the right boxes with a delivery service, a wide choice of lingerie – from the sweet and delicate to the inner dominant style – and a selection of subscriptions to keep both you and your bank account on slight speaking terms.


£25 per month.

In this box, you will receive three pairs of underwear every month to add to your underwear drawer. The frilly, lacy, sexy treats come with free shipping and cancellation at any time.


£40 per month.

I love the name of this box. For £40 a month, you’ll get a set of lingerie which encompasses romance, delicate textures and lovely bodysuits. Free shipping and cancellation at any time is an added bonus.


£70 per month.

For the girl who wants it all, the Empress Box is a lingerie bundle like no other. Complete with a set of luxury lingerie and accessories, free shipping and cancellation, it is the gift to give for a loved one – or yourself.

The ladies also hand pick what they are going to send you and I have to say, I think they did pretty well with my box. I love wearing black underwear (I wear black all day every day) and lace is my favourite when I’m feeling a little more confident in the lingerie department. If I were to wish for any other lingerie set, it would definitely include one of their lacy or sheer bralettes in the triangular shape because I am an absolute sucker for those.

If you love the sound of Empress Mimi, and want to receive a special delivery through your letter box, I have a special discount code FAYEBELINEXO15 which will get you a 15% discount off your first box. Also, it doesn’t end there.

10% of the proceedings will go straight to Project Girl Code, a charity that helps get women into tech, in turn aiding the growth of women in business whether that’s through self-employment or within a company. For more information about Project Girl Code, definitely go and check them out. The girls and young women they help are those in vulnerable situations such as trafficking and at risk of sexual exploitation and slavery. 

What are your thoughts on a lingerie subscription service? Is Empress Mimi something you’d like to try?

Love, Faye xo

* The lovely ladies at Empress Mimi were kind enough to send me a subscription box in exchange for an honest review. As always, all opinions are my own. 


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