A Day At Episkopi Beach

Because every day should feel like a day at the beach – Wilton Artisans.

As much as I’m enjoying the cosy nights, wrapped in blankets with extra comfy gear on including the biggest cardigans and jumpers, a pretty big part of me still has the holiday blues. I admit it, I’ll always be a girl who loves the spring and summer and I am very much a girl who would gladly spend every single day at the beach for the rest of my life.

The majority of our holiday to Cyprus was spent in the apartment complex, Aphrodite Sands, lounging around the pools under the hot summer sun. We had no complaints; it was the kind of holiday that I definitely needed after my high of travels crashing back down to the reality of returning home and embracing adult life, where saving is the number one priority at the moment. A relaxing holiday, eating good food (mainly halloumi) and being surrounded by family was what the doctor ordered.

Between the wedding and returning back to UK soil, the family decided to go to Episkopi Beach. Some of the family lived in Cyprus for many years and know the country very well, therefore if they say it’s the beach to go to, it’s the beach to go to, and as seen as I hadn’t visited a Cypriot beach this time around, I was very excited to spend the day with nothing but the glistening ocean as my view.

From Aphrodite Sands, in Mandria, it was a forty minute drive east to Episkopi Bay, straight down the new and improved motorway which had barely any traffic; it would be bliss driving along those roads during the commuting hours.

It would be pretty difficult to get public transport from Mandria to Episkopi and the cost of a taxi would be exceptionally expensive, especially for a round-trip. In general, hiring a car for the entire holiday in Cyprus would work out a great alternative if you were to experience as much of the country as possible on daily excursions. For one day, it might prove a little tricky as we found out when we enquired about hiring a car: a three-day minimum at around 40 to 50 euros per day. Luckily, we have family there – the newlyweds – with their own car who agreed to stay at our complex the night before, and so sixteen of us headed out for a family day at the beach!

The beach itself is a long strip of soft sand with gorgeous pebbles and shells to uncover between the grains of gold. As for the ocean itself, it’s a beautiful blue as are all the seven seas. The only thing I didn’t enjoy was walking across the crunching shells and pebbles in the shallow edges of the water – my feet still haven’t hardened from a year of travelling nearly barefoot. We all paid for sunbeds which cost just six euros for a pair of beds and a parasol. A bargain really considering you can have them from 9am until 6pm.

The ocean wasn’t as cold as I would have expected it to be. In fact, it was quite warm once you shivered past the belly button and sunk in. It was also shallow for a long, long way which was a bonus for those who didn’t particularly enjoy the depth of the unknown. The waves were large and small, rippling through the water at a steady pace, and it truly was my happy place.

Brunch at Chris’s Blue Beach Restaurant was incredible. I’m not just saying that because they included grilled halloumi on their English breakfast. The plate was just enough without feeling like you’re about to pop from all the food, or feeling guilty about leaving a quarter to half of the plate. Exceptionally beneficial when you are wearing a bikini out in the open all day long. The hot chocolate quickly became a part of my top ten favourites in the world. The best part of the restaurant, however, were the cutest kittens alive. In England, I don’t like cats; in Cyprus, they’re adorable.

Did you know? There are more cats than people in Cyprus due to the Queen giving the country a load of cats to get rid of the snake infestation. Now, there’s a lot of cats roaming the country instead.

If and when I return to Cyprus, I’d love to see more of the history of the country and visit surrounding islands such as Crete and Rhodes and possibly even get as far as Greece; that’s been on my bucket list for quite some time. I am a sucker for little old towns and the stories that the grounds and people have to offer. I’d mix it in with returning to the beach for a lazy day in the sun, getting the best tan possible. Holidays are for relaxing after all.

Is Cyprus on your destination list? Are you missing summer times as much as me or fully embracing the autumn vibes?

Love, Faye xo


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