Life Lately – Work, Blogging & The Festive Season

Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be – Sonia Ricotti.

Thinking about this blog and the fact that I haven’t written anything in over a week equally terrifies me and makes me feel a little sick so I thought I’d do what I’m good at and just let the words fall into place whilst talking about myself and my blog. I feel like I’m going through some changes and I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. The quarter life crisis may be averted, but I can’t completely say that it is. In the long and short, this is life lately…


Blogging hasn’t come easily to me lately. Part of the reason is because I am so focused on creating content for next month (it’s Christmas! & Blogmas!) that November has kind of bypassed my creative mind completely. I am struggling for ideas this month and I know that I’m just not going to get out that many posts simply because my head and heart’s not in it; I’m not going to force writing something that I’ll end up hating at a later date. I’d rather not waste my time. Blogging is one of those passions that can be really hit and miss: one minute, you’ll feel on top of the world – you take part in loads of chats; there’s new followers and blogger friends to say hi to; the creative juices are flowing; photos actually look better than okay and all the writing doesn’t take effort. Then, all that disappears: you can’t open the laptop at home after sitting on one in work all day, let alone type on it for a couple of hours; you lose that milestone and wonder what you’ve said to make people not like what you have to say on the regular; it’s too dark to take any photos at all and inspiration seriously lacks. It’s a frustrating game, but one that millions of us play day in, day out.

When I get home from work, it’s getting dark. At 5pm, a double bill of Law and Order is on 5 USA. I get under a blanket in the living room and watch both episodes with mum, having tea thrown in somewhere between then. I don’t want to be on the laptop unless some big thunder bolt of inspiration hits, kinda like now – although I did force myself to get into bed in order to start typing away.


Something else that has ceased to exist lately is reading. I’ve just bought a new book that I’m sinking my teeth into at the moment but it’s taken a while for me to pick a book up. I blame Netflix and British soaps. It’s so much easier to veg in bed and not lift a single finger whilst watching a film, whereas when reading a book, I kinda have to sit up otherwise I’ll either fall asleep, or my arms and hands will die and suffer from pins and needles. Next year, I’m definitely going to try out Hollie‘s idea: she puts £5 in a jar each time she finishes a book, a great way to save and an even better way to keep a track of how many books you actually read within a year! I always forget.

Making The Most Of Life

It’s no secret I’ve not been the free spirit I’m known to be since returning from my travels earlier this year. There are a couple contributing factors to that, but I am planning on changing that and have already done so in some small ways. I’ve been making my own plans; going out a lot more; not saving as much – I haven’t even looked at my bank account this month and just this past weekend, I went on two shopping sprees. I’ve been so stuck on saving, saving, saving that I forgot how to live, not just spontaneously and in the moment, but just in general. I’d come home after work, sit with my parents (who I love spending time with) for a few hours, get in bed and watch Netflix. I hardly go out on nights out at the weekends any more and I spend one weekend per month in London with my boyfriend, which quite frankly isn’t enough. My life has somehow become a hamster wheel that I am very keen to get off. Don’t get me wrong, I love cosy nights in my bed, under the duvet as much as anyone but not every. single. night. I’m making changes, and I’m not waiting until January for the new year to kick this bad habit.

Work & Career

I’m enjoying my work life a lot more these days. I have much more of a role in my workplace and I feel truly validated as an employee, so I’m working hard to make sure that these businesses strive in every way. In small companies, it can be hard to have one role and to be honest, I love the multiple roles I have. I’m not just a marketing assistant; I’m my boss’ PA, receptionist, event planner, social media manager, customer service assistant, technician, PR manager and more. All of these roles combine into one during my Monday to Friday and I’m loving seeing the businesses grow just as much as my boss does. I still have dreams of breaking the journalism industry but they may just be dreams and I love writing as a hobby and a freelancer too. Plus, this blog is a huge writing outlet that I’d love to monetise one day for extra money… that could go into the shopping and travel funds.

The Festive Season

I am beyond excited for Christmas. I think my mum is sick of me talking ecstatically about Christmas Day at every chance I get. I have nearly finished all of my shopping and I can’t wait to get the tree up just to wrap my presents because that is a tradition. I can’t wrap Christmas presents without sitting on the floor in the living room in front of my Christmas tree with a festive film on. I’m also planning Blogmas, which I know I said earlier but again I’m excited, and went as far as buying blog props from The Range at the weekend to make my photos – that I’m yet to take – look all cute and festive. I’ve also made lots of plans to go out with friends and family, and have more plans to make, in the run up to Christmas so that I really make the most of it this year. I’ll be knackered (working two jobs + blogmas) but it will be worth it.

As you can see, I didn’t delve into all the juicy corners of my life (not that it’s that exciting to other people) because some things aren’t for the blog – or they are as and when I choose them to be. I’m up and I’m down, but I’m still figuring this thing called being a woman in her mid-twenties out. Hopefully it will all make sense as I edge closer to 26.

How’s your life, lately? Are you still figuring it out? Let’s catch up.

Love, Faye xo

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  1. Mum
    November 7, 2017 / 6:06 pm

    Love this Faye xx

    • Faye
      November 7, 2017 / 6:06 pm

      Thanks Mum!xx

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