Looking After Myself This Christmas | Blogmas Day 2

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live – Jim Rohn.

As I write this, it is my past self dictating to my future/present self what to do in order to look after oneself in the run up to one of the biggest days in the year. I’ve been looking forward to this Christmas since before last Christmas and so, I have a lot riding, in my mind, on making it the best possible day; a huge part of that is to make sure I don’t have a complete breakdown mentally or physically during the Christmas rush. As I will have mentioned yesterday, I’m going back to retail part time at The Perfume Shop – aka one of my favourite shops in the world – to help out the madness of Christmas shopping (perfume is still the number one gift during the festive season) as well as earn a few extra pennies for my future. Therefore, I will have begun my seven day weeks without breaks; something I’m pretty certain I can handle, but there’s a few things I’ll be making sure I do in order to keep everything running smoothly.


At the age of 25, you would think I’d have perfected the whole skincare routine by now. Nope. I’m still crap at it. I have improved slightly, only due to my use of Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Water Combination and Sensitive Skin. It really does help clear my skin, and it is tough on makeup; I do use three to four pads of the stuff to get everything off completely. I’m terrible at the whole moisturising thing. I still don’t moisturise morning and night, and definitely not every single day. A part of this (that I tell myself) is that I haven’t found my perfect moisturiser. I need to test a few out and decide on my absolute favourite. I do want to try the Kiehl’s range, especially their Midnight Recovery Concentrate that everyone raves about. It is a little bit out of my budget, however, because I have other things to save for, so perhaps in the future. I also want to try more of The Body Shop‘s range because it is definitely affordable and the products I have tested are incredible. Perhaps I’ll treat myself to a few of their products in the run up to Christmas. I’ll confess, I’ve been borrowing some of Mum’s Nivea Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream which does do my skin wonders. Maybe I’ll invest in my own tub too.


A lot of my lifestyle topics revolve around my thinking of the life rut I find myself in and my trying to escape it. With working two jobs, attempting Blogmas, trying to stay slightly healthy and having a little bit of a social life, my mentality for the next month has got to be a little more positive and pro-active than it has been. I am going to be tired, and there are times when all I want to do is watch Netflix and chill in bed (alone) and that is exactly what I’m going to do. I won’t be working more than 35 hours per week but I’ll be blogging too which can take me up to three or four hours for one post sometimes, depending what the topic is. The excitement of the festive season will be in full swing and I’m excited to see Liverpool in lights and swarms of people armed with their Christmas shopping: all this will make me a happy little soul. I’ll be grabbing hold of those moments and making them memorable.

Little Treats

I touched upon this slightly above. Luckily, I’ve already bought most of my Christmas presents and so the wages I receive will be able to be spent on little old me, without me feeling guilty. I might treat myself to meals with my friends or my very own gift. Last year, I wrote an entire post about treating ourselves at Christmas as well as everyone else; it was my excuse as I bought an expensive perfume for myself whilst not buying many people from home a present: I was a poor traveller… that could afford discounted perfume at the time. I will definitely be treating myself to me time too because I always need more than what I have, and chocolate too.


I am the worst at preaching to eat healthily but never applying it to my own life. I’m going to try really hard to continue eating fruit daily and not eat as many packets of crisps during the evening. Christmas automatically relates to lots of food on a high correlation: the sweets, the chocolate, the massive pieces of gorgeous meat and pigs in blankets. All of this is part of what makes Christmas special. Also, with the darker nights and cosying up by the fire, food is another part of what makes that picture perfect. It is also what kick-starts people into vowing they’ll lose weight from January 1st. However, eating a balanced diet, or even mostly balanced, will definitely help keep the body cogs working over the next month.


This year, I’m the most organised I’ve ever been. In terms of Christmas presents. I may have already completed my shopping by the time this post goes live. I bought my first Christmas present way back in June and so that escalated to near completion by mid October. I want to have wrapped all my presents and have them under the tree by the time it goes up so I can also check that off my to do list. I also really need to be organised with my time this year. I’ll be working a lot and I want to make sure I actually do things rather than let the month swirl by in a puff of working smoke, so my trusty diary will always be with me to plan. In terms of blogging and Blogmas, I hope to have done the majority by now to be honest, just so that I don’t have the added unnecessary stress of it all.

Overall, I want to properly enjoy this Christmas. I was away last year (which will be coming up in future Blogmas posts) and so I’m really looking forward to spending the holiday with family and friends, making it special in every single way. I’m 25 now and, although I can’t predict the future, every Christmas means more than the last. I’m at the age where Christmas means more than school holidays and presents under the tree; it means reflecting on all the great things I’ve done this year and celebrating it with loved ones, whilst relaxing and eating lots of food… on Christmas Day.

How will you be looking after yourself in the run up to Christmas? Do you think you’ll be overwhelmed or will you be super relaxed about the next month?

Love, Faye xo


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