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But do you know the secret behind what makes Christmas so special? Moms – Mila Kunis.

When humour, Mila Kunis and Christmas come together, you know it’s going to be a good film, full of a lot of LOL moments and screaming fits with happy tears pouring down your face. A Bad Moms Christmas came in the absolutely right time in my life and I went to see it with two of the best people I could have, despite my best friend’s screeches of laughter overpowering some of the scenes, it was that funny. I would go and see it again in a heart beat, and most likely will have by the time this post has published.

The film opens in a midst of mess: broken glass everywhere; trees and decorations strewed across the floor; a very defeated looking Mila Kunis sitting on her stairs. She is playing the role of Amy, a mom who simply tries her absolute best in raising her kids but sometimes gets it wrong, and lets her hair down for the occasional wild night, or day, with her two best friends – also moms who do the best they can. The voiceover gives a brief description of Amy’s thoughts: how mothers do everything from baking to shopping to cooking to cleaning to decorating to making every little detail perfect, so much so that they barely have time to enjoy the magical time of the festive season for themselves.

Rewinding back to the day that the season changed for all three of our favourite moms – Amy, Kiki (Kristen Bell) and Carla (Kathryn Hahn) – are the arrivals of their moms. Welcome the pain-in-the-ass mom (Christine Baranski), the in-your-face mom (Cheryl Hines) and the doesn’t-give-a-rat’s-ass mom (Susan Sarandon), all played by incredible, well-love actresses who do not disappoint. The moment these three barge back into their daughters’ lives for the holidays is the same moment absolute chaos emerges. All three of the “bad moms” crave a Christmas their own way this year, but their bad moms want something completely different: perfection, close-knit loving cuddles all day long and to be constantly drunk in such a way that even her daughter can’t keep up.

Mother-daughter clashes ensue which sends the original three off to the mall to get drunk, cause havoc, steal Christmas trees and dirty dance with Santa, and that is just in one scene. There’s also a great scene of competitive nature – and drinking from the flask in the corner – in a children’s vs. adults play room which ends in mom vs. mom. Wild west music chimes, gunshots fire off in the background, and the classic American scenes of eye to eye contact. As more things fall apart, we see familiar faces from the first film alongside the moms being treated a little like children again.

Pure laughter is bombarded throughout this film and I think it might even be better than the original Bad Moms with its anecdotes and the rivals being their own mothers. At the crux of all the humour, as usual, is a moral to the story which all the moms openly address at the end of the film with one another. It is Christmas after all! Everyone bands together for a truly memorable Christmas, no matter what their issues have been for the rest of their lives.

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What do you think of Bad Moms Christmas? Go and see it, if you haven’t already!

Love, Faye xo


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