Where I’d Go For A Hot Christmas | Blogmas Day 11

What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness – John  Steinbeck.

Although I’ve been dreaming of a wintery, cold Christmas for the past year, I am still a lover of the sun, sandy beaches and the bluest of oceans. Plus, this list is a bucket list for the distant future – whether I’d spend actual Christmas Day abroad again is another matter, depending on the situation. But, everyone loves a last minute trip abroad before Christmas, just to squeeze one more set of flights in our ever-busy calendars. Of course, unless I’ve got a massive saving on a Black Friday deal, plus actual savings in the bank, this is never going to happen for me. A girl can only dream and plan for next year and all the years ahead.


Tenerife is home from home for me despite not visiting since I lived there on and off in the summer of 2014. I know Playa de las Americas and San Eugenio like the back of my hand and it still remains one of my favourite places in the world because of all the great memories I have there. As it is home from home and as long as I had some of my favourite people on the planet there, the only different of spending Christmas there would be the heat. I’d 100% still have a roast dinner in Tenerife, but I’d be sitting in a bikini rather than a jumper.


To be honest, the Maldives are on my forever bucket list; I’d travel there during any time of the year. My love for the Maldives began when Victoria from In The Frow went two years ago. Since then most of my favourite content creators and influencers have visited the land of turquoise waters and white sands. Imagine spending one of the most magical days of the year in a magical destination.


Similar to Aussie Down Under, the summer months of New Zealand fall into Christmas territory. That means gorgeous weather with some of the most incredible backdrops of scenery in the world. New Zealand is on my list of places to go as soon as physically possible. I want to be surrounded by lush greens, white ice caps, blue oceans and pretty flowers. It couldn’t ever be a bad place to spend Christmas.


I’ve heard some incredible things about Fiji – the people are some of the most welcoming in the world, the ocean life is wonderful and mesmerising, the views are sensational. It is a little island of paradise in a nutshell. Heading to this part of the Southern Hemisphere would be a fabulous experience where cocktails on the beach surrounded by ocean blues and greens would be an absolute must.


During my first year of university, I met two Hawaiian girls who were the complete epitomes of happiness. At Christmas time, everything we strive for is happiness – buying the perfect gift, cooking the perfect roast, making the perfect memories. Therefore, if I went to a place that just showers happiness – from the people to the beaches to the language, it would best kind of Christmas without trying.

Australia would be on this list too but I have already experienced that amazing country during Christmas time and right now, I’m all about branching out to new places and new experiences. Of course, the argument of Christmas Day, being a special day is the tradition and the people that comes with it. And so, would it truly be as wonderful if it wasn’t spent at home with loved ones?

What are your thoughts on spending Christmas abroad? Where would you absolutely love to go if you had the chance?

Love, Faye xo


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