Getting Organised Before New Year | Blogmas Day 12

For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned – Benjamin Franklin.

Change has happened recently, a pretty big one, and the only way I’m coping right now is I don’t stop for a second because when I do, I think, and then I think a little more, and then I think too much which ends in a whirl of thoughts, black, confusing and sad.*

What I’ve started to do is get organised, and I mean really organised. I am a great, big hoarder and have a thing about possessions. They remind me of good memories. However, it is not the object that is the good memory because that memory is there, already implanted in my brain. I’ve made a pile of books and DVDs that I no longer need; they don’t serve me as a twenty-five year old woman in the way they may have a few years ago. I want to make absolutely sure that I adore every single book and story on my shelf, every piece of jewellery, every nik-nak, and so on. I don’t want to keep it for the sake of if, maybe and perhaps.

Christmas seems to put everything into perspective. Usually, it would be the first week of January that everyone runs around like headless chickens trying to right every tiny wrong in their lives. However, I think the run up to Christmas is the perfect time to get organised, so that you’re ready for the festivities and to grab 2018 with two firm hands. January is usually a month-long battle of dancing around the problems, rather than just getting on with it and doing something. Why wait? Just start right now and you’ll feel a hundred times better.

Don’t Leave Christmas Shopping Until The Week Before

Don’t be that person who is running around with a crazed look in her eye. There is nothing worse than being so stressed from a thing that is supposed to be about joy and happiness and all the rest of it. Take me, for example – I am currently juggling two jobs, working seven days a week, doing blogmas and have plans every single weekend this month. I did all of my shopping last month because I knew that I wouldn’t have time this month with everything else going on. Getting your Christmas shopping completed now will relieve you of so much stress in the run up to the big day.

Remove Clutter From Your Life

I touched on this earlier. Don’t keep hold of something that you don’t need or necessarily want. Those nail varnishes from about three years ago? They need to be binned. The books that you keep telling yourself I’ll start reading that after the next one… but never do? Find someone who truly wants a copy of those books. The DVDs that are okay but you have Netflix and Now TV so don’t exactly use your DVD player any more? Just. Get. Rid. And the clothes? Only keep stuff that you genuinely love and cannot physically live without; don’t keep the clothes that are slightly too big or too small that you’re waiting to fit into one day – unless you are on an incredible fitness journey – they’re not worth it, because they don’t make you feel your absolute best. Oversized jumpers do not count.

Tidy Your Space So It’s Spic And Span

Once you’ve cleared your space of all the unnecessary items (spread some festive cheer and donate to charity!), tidy your personal space so that you actually enjoy your time there in the run up to Christmas. Christmas can be stressful when you’re working, attending many party nights, work dos and meals out, and buying lots of goodies for your loved ones. Therefore, you need a space that is ideal zen mode for when you’re at home, relaxing.

Start Planning For Next Year

Sometimes there is nothing better than making plans for the future, especially when the right now doesn’t look exactly how you imagined it. Last month, within two weeks I had booked two holidays for 2018 and they brought me absolute joy when I booked them. And, I continue to be absolutely ecstatic about my 2018 travels to Europe (so far); I can’t wait to plan and book more holidays so that I know I have definitive plans and don’t go crazy in the January sales. Planning for the new year isn’t only about holidays; buy your 2018 planner early and put everything in such as goals, holidays (!!) and important-not-to-be-forgotten dates. When you feel like you’ve got ahead of life itself, everything seems a little less stressful.

What are your thoughts on getting organised before Christmas? Do you organise all of your Christmas presents early, or are you a last minute kinda person? Is it ever too early to get organised before the new year?

Love, Faye xo

*I’m feeling a lot more positive since first writing this post.


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