The Fragrance That Makes You Feel Like A Goddess | Blogmas Day 13

I have called on the Goddess and found her within myself –  Marion Zimmer Bradley.

The title of this post hit me as I was walking from one bus to the next during one wintery morning last week. I could smell the mixture of ginger lily, vanilla and sea salt in the warmth of my scarf. All of a sudden, a breath of confidence washed over me, despite looking a little haggard and worse for wear. That’s the great thing about fragrance. Despite not looking our best, we can always feel our best with a hidden pick me up from the perfume we decide to spritz on our pulse points – all of the places we want to be kissed, as Coco Chanel herself once said.

Each perfume in the Paco Rabanne family is utterly different from the other, evoking different scents and feelings. Black XS smells dark in nature from the combination of cranberry, black violet and black vanilla, provoking a bittersweet taste, whilst its ever-popular fragrance – Lady Million – is a mixture of sweet honey, raspberry and floral notes in the heart. What comes after a lady? A woman from another place with an all-powerful presence in all aspects of life.

Paco Rabanne’s third female fragrance after his retirement in 2006 came in 2015 which is the entire concept of goddesses. It is no surprise that that Olympéa can transport you to the heights of the clouds and back again within seconds. It is irresistible and heavenly with an intensity like no other fragrance. More notes include sandalwood in the base notes for a woody platform for the flourish of the oriental scents to build upon alongside the ambergris and jasmine for a truly unique scent. Every note adds to the essence of omnipotence and omniscience of the fragrance and the feeling it transcends after one single spritz.

Although no goddess needs a god-like partner, Paco Rabanne already had Invictus on the shelves as a bestseller. The Greek mythology is intertwined in Invictus just like the notes of grapefruit peel, bay leaves and oakmoss are mixed together in its classic Olympic cup-like bottle. Both Olympéa and Invictus have ambergris in their base notes to create a unifying bond between scents like no other. Therefore, both Olympéa and Invictus can be bought as special gifts for your significant other, whilst you treat yourself this Christmas too.

Both are available at The Perfume Shop and can be bought in exclusive Christmas gift sets, with body products unique to Paco Rabanne.

Have you tried Olympéa or Invictus? Do you feel the god-like confidence that swirls within the scent?

Love, Faye xo


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