6 Favourite Articles From December’s Glamour | Blogmas Day 15

Let’s focus on the positives  – Jo Elvin.

News ripped through social media accounts a couple of months back causing the devastation of magazine lovers across the UK and further. Our beloved magazine – which was the number one women’s magazine for years – was to go through a complete overhaul, meaning the monthly print was to be no more. Glamour Magazine became a massive part of my life for nearly a decade, which I explain more here. It will be sorely missed, but for now, I can devour the last ever edition as we know it. Here are just six of my favourite pieces…


Reading the cover star’s interview with Gal Gadot was utterly inspiring. She truly is Wonder Woman, and not just because she just so happens to be on every poster that says Wonder Woman. She juggles motherhood and work like any other woman: it’s hard but she makes it work because that is what mothers do. What I love about this woman is that she has many tricks up her sleeve: she’s a model, she’s trained as a lawyer, she’s an actress, she’s a mother, she’s a wife. She seems extremely grounded despite the amount of heightened action surrounding her and she has a fierceness within her that is an incredible inspiration. Not only is her interview with Helen Whitaker utterly splendid, the photoshoot to accompany the pages is fabulous. She is strong, smiling and sensuous. Isn’t Wonder Woman who all girls want to be when they grow up?


I’ll be honest. The Front Row pages are some of the last that I will read in each Glamour edition. I much prefer the Entertainment and Fashion page spreads towards the latter of the magazine. However, this article caught my eye. Written by Ciara Sheppard, she “grilled the fashion kingpin”, Mr Armani himself about life and fashion’s golden rules. I love to get to know the designer behind the house brand; it completely enthrals me which is probably why I enjoyed reading this article so much. He talks about breaking the rules, awards season and the sheer love of what he does. Plus, you get to see his most famous work through the decades from the 70s to today.


Every single year this is something that I most look forward to taking in. Style is an evolution each and every year; seeing the It Girls, actresses and musicians in their natural attire gives so much fashion inspiration for women everywhere. It’s even better when they share the suave and handsome men in their most dapper suits alongside the fashion power couples of the year.


This was one of the first articles I turned to during one of my commutes to work. The first one I read was Katherine Turner’s column; she met the love of her life at a party she really didn’t want to go to after breaking up with her ex mere hours before. It was inspirational given my own circumstances, not that I’ve been to any house parties since. The rest of the columns taught important stories or changed their writer’s lives in one way or another, showing that a nobody can beat a really great party!


This is the article that Jo Elvin talks about in her final Editor’s Letter. It is all about how we consume the news in our day to day lives. In fact, the world is getting better but we wouldn’t think that because the majority of the news that we hear about is negative, leading to 71% of Brits think it is getting worse. People are now turning off the news in their feed because it ruins their day. Statistically, if a person reads a bad news story in the morning, the likelihood of their day being a bad one goes up by 27%. How mad is that?! It has certainly made me think twice about searching social media for daily news updates in the future.


For any travel lover, working abroad in a dream job seems like the ultimate lifestyle. This was the first woman who works in the Maldives as a marketing manager for a series of resorts. Clare Bromilow says she misses her family – of course – but she is doing what she absolutely adores and has even created her own job from scratch. Travel is her passion and nothing can stop her from living her dream.  Other successful women work for the likes of Spotify, creating playlists that we listen to day in, day out and one is a freelance creative producer, throwing the biggest parties in the world. These women have clearly worked their way up, but don’t put themselves in the box of the normal 9-5.

The final edition of Glamour is the perfect mixture of style, inspiration and truth with plenty of articles for every kind of reader. It will be terribly missed and this is the one issue that I will never be able to recycle.

Love, Faye xo


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