Changes For 2018 | Blogmas Day 21

Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do – Rob Siltanen.

It has come to that time of year where everybody, in the midst of the Christmas rush, begins to reflect on the year that has passed, on the incredible highs and the emotional lows, on the perfected moments alongside the ugly ones. For me, the beginning of the year was by far the better half: I was living in Australia; I drove the Great Ocean Road, travelled the West Coast seeing incredible sights such as Karijini National Park; I surprised my friends and family; I travelled around Bali and the Gili Islands before heading to Singapore. God, it was great. And then I came home. Things went from bad to worse to good to bad and right back down to worse once more. Clearly, I shouldn’t have returned to my reality. In fact, I should have just made travelling my reality because, as much as I missed my friends and family, I was so much happier wandering through gorges, driving into incredible sunsets and lounging on golden sands. Of course, there were harder days during my travels too. I won’t pretend that travelling is this glorious outing of perfections: sometimes all the sweat of carrying your life on your shoulders (literally!) and missing home comforts can be a little too much. Nevertheless, I would rather be exploring than doing the same old stuff day in, day out. I’m not ready to settle yet.

2017 has been a weird year. It’s been the best and it’s been the worst. I’m making 2018 better, because I am bearing my Wonder Woman shield, protecting my thoughts, my feelings and my life; I won’t be making the same mistakes as I did this year.


I recently quit my permanent job. I won’t say why or whatever, that’s my business. However, it taught me a few life lessons for which I am extremely grateful. I’m looking for something new and different for the new year; I’m looking for a job with good hours, good pay and all the rest of it, something I enjoy would be smashing but we can’t always get everything that we want. Besides, as long as I can save a good chunk of money each month and I don’t hate it, I’m good.


Or lack of. I’ve been single for over a month now and it doesn’t hurt to type that out. I’ve gotten over the initial heartbreak; there’s a slight emptiness at times just before I fall asleep at night, but other than that I’m really okay. Things aren’t meant to be and I’m not searching for my long lost soulmate any time soon, and definitely not going on Tinder for the time being. I know my worth and I’m not settling for anything less.

In terms of friends, I have a few who are literally my soulmates – and therefore I don’t need a relationship soulmate – who I would do anything for, and who would do anything for me, even go to prison as one of them pointed out not so long ago. Without them, I don’t know what I’d do. They are my rocks and I plan to spend as much time with them as I can next year because the year after I definitely plan on not being in this country.

My family are people I take for granted at times, and I want to give something back, whether that’s the little things or a massive gesture. I haven’t quite figured it out yet, and I am embarking on the return of a family relationship which is great and definitely interesting. I love my family to bits and I know I want to do more with them in the new year, and starting now.


I used to pride myself on being the happiest little soul, always having a smile on my face and sometimes being really silly, making people laugh. I’m starting to get her back. There was a massive point – between May and December, in fact – where that positive person did not exist any more. I was a negative nuisance who thought life was pretty crap at times. She is being left in 2017 because I certainly don’t have time for that any more.


I do believe in myself to some extent, but there are times when I am firmly like this will never happen to me no matter how hard I try. I guess it ties in with being positive. Self belief doesn’t mean being cocky, it just means having some confidence to make you shine through. I’ll be telling myself that I will get myself out of x,y and z situation and I know I will. It just means taking a chance and pushing until you’ve achieved it.


I have been so good during the past six months, apart from last month but I’m not counting it. I have saved every single month and have a healthy amount in my savings which I am hoping to grow. I also have a thing for collecting £2 coins. I refuse to use them for payments. It hurts when I really have to, especially in taxis. I’m not going to not go out, however. I’m still going to live my life because I kinda stopped between July and October until my mum sat me down and told me to go out and live a little. You know it’s bad when your mum tells you to go out more.


I want travel to be a huge part of my 2018. I may not be flying further than Europe next year but I am hoping to visit more places, take in new sights and sounds and fall in love with lots of different cities. There is always something so magical about travel and I am excited to see what else is out there.

What changes will you be making for 2018?

Love, Faye xo



  1. December 23, 2017 / 4:42 am

    Baaaabe I’m so sorry to hear about your relationship ending! But happy to hear you seem to be dealing with it so well and that you’re getting positive Faye back…because I LOVE HER!!! Let’s meet up in Europe next year ;))) <3333333

  2. Christina
    December 23, 2017 / 9:34 am

    Wow, I can relate a lot to this! Returning home after travel and trying to figure everything out has been hard! I’ve doubted myself so many times but I’m finally getting my back to my true self and reminding myself that my future plans ARE possible and WILL happen if I just stick with it. I hope 2018 is a great year for you!

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