What I’ve Learnt From Blogmas 2017 | Blogmas Day 20

The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it – J.M. Barrie.

Yet again I am a day behind, and this is the third time this week! I kind of explained in my Christmas Catch Up why I was a tad out of sorts over the past week (I’m in a much happier place right now) and with everything that’s going on including working full time in TPS this week and finding the time for me in this crazy Christmas run up, I’m sharing what I have learnt from doing – or my attempt of it – Blogmas this year.

Blogmas is so hard. Really hard. There is this immense pressure in the ball of your temple which keeps expanding and stretching, probably until it is all over; then you reflect on what you’ve done and the self doubt comes in waves. I have so much pride in every single blogger, including myself, who even attempts Blogmas – it doesn’t matter if we succeed or not. Although, it is a pretty massive bonus to succeed at blogging every single day. Not only are we trying to create great content every day, it is Christmas which ensues lots of added things to tick off a never-ending to do list. Blogmas comes with its own hiccups and hurdles which, as always, turn into lessons for next time.


I started off so, so well. On Halloween, I had written four posts. As life happened through November, less was being written and there were absolutely no photos taken for any of my posts. It was constantly on my mind in the run up to Friday 1st December that I was not ready for Blogmas. Even if you just schedule the first week – all of it – a huge blog weight will be lifted off of your shoulders.


The thing with blogging nowadays is that there are all these rules and generic stereotypes about the types of items included, the HD photography, the topics and even the style of writing. Hello? It is blogging and everyone has a different style and point of view. I don’t follow the rules of the “blogging world”. I never have. To me, there are no rules. Plus, I don’t want to talk about Christmas films and Christmas music; everyone does that. I want to talk about other things, like my favourite books to read, the perfume I’m wearing and my favourite author this month. Don’t get me wrong, I have loved writing gift guides and reflecting on my own traditions too, but there is so much more to talk about sometimes, and it’s nice to escape Christmas in one small way when it all gets a bit too much. Nevertheless, if you adore Christmas and have 24 things to write about, you absolutely go for it! Like I said, no rules.


This is a big one. I mentioned the pressure we put ourselves under. There isn’t any pressure from anybody else, but we still apologise on Twitter and Instagram when there hasn’t been a new post published. Why do we do that? Maybe it is an automatic reflex. It’s just silly to mount the pressure on at this time of year, or any time of year. It doesn’t help with the actual creating or producing content, so what’s the point?


It goes without saying but there are points when you get so wrapped up in it that everything else is pushed to the bottom of the to do list in order to get that day’s post out. Christmas is supposed to be about fun festivities, spending time with loved ones, eating way too much food and having a few too many scoops. It’s a time for relaxation, and at times blogging doesn’t bring that feeling of floating on clouds without a care in the world because there is always something to do. I say all this, but here I am writing a blog post that was supposed to go up yesterday!

This post makes me sound like I don’t enjoy blogging. It couldn’t be further from the truth. I adore blogging; I love writing on my (mum’s) laptop whilst listening to music. I enjoy taking photos of things but love the editing stage more with apps like VSCO making me feel like I could be like the rest of the blogging world, in decent photos at least. However, at Christmas-time it is extremely stressful to get everything out there in a standard that I deem successful. It is my blog at the end of the day: I want to look back on these posts and think oh, that’s a great post – I really enjoyed it.

What are your thoughts on Blogmas? Do you love it? Do you find it a little bit too stressful? Is it as fun now as it was at the beginning of the month?

Love, Faye xo


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