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You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation – Brigham Young.

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When I’m not working, blogging, reading and trying to have a bit of a social life, I’m sat in bed or on the couch, surrounded by blankets and cushions, watching a film or many, many episodes of a television show. A lot of the time, I’ll stay in one position, only breaking for the toilet and chocolate; I love a good binging session as much as the next person. I usually Netflix and chill by myself(!) with my iPad, but what would be an incredible alternative is a fab screen, like a smart TV by Panasonic for the full cinematic-esque experience. Nevertheless, my small screen will do for now and I can still be inspired by the hundreds of iconic characters who pass through our living rooms and bedrooms day after day.

In particular, let’s give a shout out to all of the incredible women gracing our screens, big and small. Women on screen have evolved since the early years of filmmaking, pushing boundaries and finding their voices. Now is the time to celebrate all of the strong female characters who represent qualities every woman on the planet has: grace and love; strength and fearlessness; weakness and desire – and everything in between. No woman is perfect, but it is the imperfections that create a strength and unity in all of us; it is empowering to watch women challenge men, lead wars, take care of her family and save the world. These are the women who make me want to be brave, inquisitive and love unconditionally.


She is an orphan and an assassin. Protagonist in Colombiana (2011), Cataleya is a determined woman set on revenge for the slaying of her parents. She does not stop, never keeping her eye off the ball for even a second. That does not mean that she is heartless; the opposite in fact. It is out of love for her family that she needs to commit these murders. Her strength is not only physical, but mental. Her weakness is love, but she continues to do so, proving that even her greatest weakness is her most powerful strength.


A black maid in Mississippi during the 1960s, Minny Jackson gets battered from all aspects of her life, and yet she keeps on getting up again. Her husband beats her. She rises. Her boss scolds her. She gets her own back. She gets fired. She finds a new place of work. This woman does not stop, no matter what happens to her. She wants to tell her story in The Help (2011) because she wants to stand up and be heard. She passes her own strength to her new boss, creating an unlikely friendship. Minny is a woman who can teach us all a little something, and to have the last laugh whilst doing so.


Mother of Dragons alone gives an essence of stance. Although she is young and kind, this is not to be confused with weakness. Daenerys has a heart filled with love, especially for women and children. Under her rule, her people are to be treated with respect. If not, she won’t hesitate in ordering the perpetrators to be killed. Instantly. She is a fierce protector; a clever woman. Daenerys knows her own heart, capable of anything she sets her mind to. She knows her limits and breaks them. These are traits of a strong, intelligent woman. She has to be where deceit is an ongoing move in the Game of Thrones (2011-).


We meet Maeve Millay when she is a Madame in Main Street. On a loop, she stands tall, is aggressive and takes no BS. Somehow she figures out how to escape the robotic life she leads in Westworld (2016-), using her personal traits to get what she wants and dictate her needs to others. Her reality is somewhat confusing, but she breaks free, taking all the courage – and the little bit of fear – she has. And yet, something inside of her makes her return into a gaming warzone: a maternal instinct she cannot escape or ignore.


From an island of female warriors, Diana is naïve of the hatred and despair which occurs in the human world. Once she enters it, all she knows is she has to save it. She is determined, never looking behind her. And yet, she delays her own mission in order to save the people she encounters on her journey. Each and every human life matters to Diana; she enters “No Man’s Land” to prove it. Peace and love is what she strives for, and she will never stop until the entire world has it.

Who are your top five women in millennial film and television?

Love, Faye xo



    • Faye
      January 19, 2018 / 9:40 pm

      Thank you! I’ll be sure to check that out! X

    • Faye
      January 24, 2018 / 8:00 pm

      I’m glad that you enjoyed the post! Thank you 💕

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