Heart, The Queen

The heart has its reasons which reasons know not – Blaise Pascal.

Once upon a time, there was a queen without a king. She had her own throne, in her own castle, in the centre of her own kingdom. The castle itself was barricaded with chains and pitch forks, but her throne oozed with the warmth of pink. This queen was like any other; she was strong, but she liked to pretend she was the strongest of them all and could defeat any enemy with her coldness, or by hiding herself away in the tiniest fist so that it didn’t seem like she was there at all. She fought with a vengeance. She protected the whole land, but inside those castle walls, she stumbled. She tripped over herself and bashed herself for it, because she knew that she had to be strong in order for the rest of her kingdom to function. Her name was Heart, and she had millions of sisters beating the same breath all over the world.

There were few battles in her lifetime, not as many as other queens and for that she was thankful. But those few, all she wanted to do was rip herself out of her kingdom and hang in a balance that nobody else could tackle. She wanted her kingdom to engulf her; she sent her Army of Tears to the tops of the kingdoms, ordering them to flow and flow until the pain ebbed ever so slightly away. She sent the Sea of Rage washing over the shores; she ordered a plague of sickness across her nation. She battled with Sleep, not wanting it to overcome her kingdom but letting it anyway, for at least she too could rest just for a little while. She screamed her commands until there was nothing left to scream, and that was when tired Heart retreated and collapsed on her throne, surrounded by her chains and pitch forks.

There were times when a knight came to the gates of her castle, galloping on his stallion. He, too, brought battles of his own, but this is not his story, and it will be told in the near future. Both Heart and the knight brought all sorts of weapons when they fought: axes were swung, swords sliced flesh and guns blazed until everyone in the kingdom could not take it any longer.

As for Heart, queen and conqueror, her resilience shone through most of all. It didn’t matter how battered and bruised she was, she got up. She flicked away the dust of heartbreak, putting herself together piece by piece. She continued to radiate her love for the other Hearts in in the world, and she never gave up, no matter how many times she was hurt. That is a true queen.

When Heart was happy, the entire kingdom rejoiced and cheered, throwing banners and trinkets in the air. She let down those pitch forks and came out of her castle to join her peers, dancing with each and every one of them – even the knight from far away – until the sun rose and set each day. Everyone can agree that this was the best side of Heart, because she made the entire kingdom glow. They never wanted her to break again.

Love, Faye xo


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