3 Small Ways To Practice Self Love

When a woman becomes her own best friend, life is easier – Diane von Furstenberg.

February is known as the month of love; romantic mainly, but on this blog I’ll be sharing all types of love. First and foremost, is the practicing of self-love because we could all do with a little more of that in our everyday lives. Sometimes, we spend our lives making sure that everyone else is happy; never saying what is on our mind, or doing the things that we want to do, all in order for the peaceful life. I’m not saying that people do this all the time, and I am definitely not saying we are all pushovers. However, sometimes we need to take our own self into account, spend some time on taking care of ourselves, because if we burn out, how are we going to make others happy too? These are just three small ways to practice self love; we don’t need to book a spontaneous trip abroad (although I have done that just this week), go and spend a wad of money on a spa break, or even treat ourselves to a brand new wardrobe. Small acts of kindness to ourselves – as we do to others – can go a long way.


It sounds stupid, right? You wouldn’t openly say something like “[Insert name], you look amazing in that dress,” would you? But, you should. We’re continuously clapping at everyone else’s successes, new looks, hairstyles, on-point outfits, job promotions and all the rest of it. And yes, we might feel good inside but I feel like if we openly say to ourselves (in the mirror) “You look good” or “You are amazing”, our brains might actually be that much closer to believing it, and therefore feeling a little more loved by our own words and actions.


Confidence starts from within; I’m a big believer of that. However, every little helps and so those killer pair of heels that elongate your legs? Wear them to date night – unless you don’t feel confident walking around too much in them. The perfect dress that hugs your figure in all the right places is always a winner, and that strong blazer with all the girl boss vibes? Wear it, and throw on some shades to match.


Instead of focusing on everything that you want to achieve – which, yes, is amazing to have goals and plans – write down a list of everything you have done already. Sometimes, we can get so bogged down with what everyone else is doing and how we match up on the spectrum of “success” that we lose focus entirely. Forever comparing yourself is a recipe for disaster; for your career, your focus and your mental health.

There are just three small things which you can start right now! Doing these things daily is a sure recipe to boosting that confidence and giving yourself some loving.

Love, Faye xo


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Location – Prague


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