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She smiled, thinking how the aroma of flowers made for a great start to the day – Isabella Louise Anderson.

Everybody loves love, you can’t deny it. No matter if you’ve never had a romantic love, had your heart broken or have lost the love of your life, there is always a hope and possibility to find love again. This is exactly what occurs in our latest book review which surrounds an independent flower shop run by young and thriving Khloe. Cards From Khloe’s Flower Shop centres on three women, all from the same town, all at different stages in their life.

Khloe is a young business woman who has sworn off love for the foreseeable future. She found her ex cheating on her, the supposed love of her life who she was going to marry and grow old with. Gabriella is sixty-five years young, suffering the tragic loss of her best friend, partner and husband; everywhere she turns he is there, but she wants to feel love again. Connie is stuck in a rut, the same rut she’s been stuck in since leaving college. She is lonely, but she doesn’t want to seem that way in front of her colleagues, and so sends herself weekly flowers to keep up appearances.

What I love most about this book is how one place entwines all three women. They are not the closest of friends, kind acquaintances really, however the flower shop seems to be a magical place and a symbol of hope for them all. It is here that Khloe meets Derek – a handsome sports lawyer set to change her path; it is here that Gabby buys her flowers for the new man in her life, as well as the original one; it is the place which holds Connie’s biggest secret, and one that will later give her real smiles.

There is not one, but three love stories told within this book – tales of hope and dreams, heartbreak and trust. Despite it being a rollercoaster of new passion, turning into the love that lasts forever, there are moments where you will know exactly how each character is feeling in one way or another. Khloe, Gabby and Connie are each relatable in their insecurities as well as their doubts.

Although it is not a book that made me think, it is one that I thoroughly enjoyed. It had me laughing, made me smile and it gave me the same glimmer of hope that the characters have. Love comes at different stages in life; we are not all meant to meet someone in our late teens and be with them forever. Cards From Khloe’s Flower Shop is a delight, and a book that you could finish in one sitting.


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Are you the type who loves to receive flowers from your partner? I know I certainly am! If you want a bit of romance this Spring, Cards From Khloe’s Flower Shop is one to keep in mind!

Love, Faye xo


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