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A man will go to war, fight and die for his country. But he won’t get a bikini wax – Rita Rudner.

I haven’t done a real day in the life of a backpacker post since last year, since I’m not backpacking any more (sob). As I got a bikini wax today, I thought I would reflect on that time that I went and got a bikini wax in Bali because body hair doesn’t stop growing for nobody, especially when you’re in a lovely hot country where wearing a bikini and getting nearly all of your bits out is the every day norm.

Don’t ask me why or how I messed up getting my bits done whilst I was in England, before I flew out to Bali this time last year. It just didn’t happen: I was too busy at home (I was lazy) and I wasn’t paying the astronomical prices in London like I used to, and so I entered Bali a little hairy. I waited until we got to Seminyak because it is a more westernised area of Bali, and I knew that where there was a beach, there would be a place to get a bikini wax. Luckily before heading to Seminyak, we didn’t sunbathe and kept the bikini area covered up a lot, despite the heat and wanting to run around naked in that glorious Indonesian sunshine that I miss.

The wax itself was so, so cheap. I think I paid around £5 – for a full on Hollywood – which is a heck of a lot cheaper than the usual £30 in Liverpool and £40 in London. £5 = crazy. I didn’t quite care how they would do it, just as long as they got it all off as painlessly as possible, and as quick as they could. It was never going to be painless, was it?

The lady didn’t speak a word of English, which I can’t complain about as I wasn’t in England; I was in Bali. Cue the hilarious over-exaggerated hand motions to each other. She left the area (I can’t call it a room as there was a curtain covering my modesty and a wall that didn’t make it to the ceiling – people could hear the ripping) where I got undressed and settled. Once she came back, the hot wax was ready and out came a piece of wooden rod. I have never seen hot wax applied like this before, but I was willing to accept my fate (what else could I do, half naked?) and leave my bits in her capable hands.

I have to say, it really wasn’t that bad. There were moments when I thought that it was over, but it wasn’t. There were moments when I kept thinking are we done yet? but it wasn’t excruciatingly painful, unlike my last wax in Australia. Now, that was an entirely different experience, and one that I have banished from my waxing memories. You could tell this lady was very experienced and so I didn’t worry at all. I had no bruises, or even much redness. I can’t remember exactly where I went, but if you are in dire need of a wax in Bali, go to Seminyak; there are multiple beauticians and salons.

I headed straight to the beach with Alice and Dan where the sun was shining and the ocean was calm. It was a beautiful day in Seminyak. I truly wish I could rewind a year and experience it all over again. Even exposing the sensitive skin to the sun didn’t have an effect on it at all. I was either very lucky, or I went to one of the best places in the country.

Have you had to get a wax abroad? What was your experience like?

Love, Faye xo


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