Fragrances For Every Occasion – National Fragrance Week

A good fragrance is really a powerful cocktail of memories and emotion – Jeffrey Stepakoff.

It has been National Fragrance Week for the past seven days, and it’s only now that I am sharing the annual blog post about some of my favourite fragrances. As I pretty much talk about the same ones over and over, I thought I’d do something a tad different whereby they stand for the Fragrance for… We all have lotions and potions on our dressing table for various occasions, many of which can play different roles, slipping in and out of daywear to evening time, from a day at work to the confidence boost we need. The beauty of fragrance is that it can make a memory swirl through your mind, lift your spirits on a bad day, create new memories and make you feel like the most beautiful person in the world. To be honest, I throw on any perfume that I fancy that morning, however sometimes there are specific occasions in which I think That one is the one I have to wear, or This is the scent of that particular summer, thus creating a rollercoaster of emotions and events attached to one smell. I’ve jabbered on for quite a while so here are those favourites and what I would choose to wear them for – but bear in mind that I love to wear any and all perfumes for most occasions.


If you are searching for a new job, the outcome to being half way to success is bagging that interview! Smell is just as important as first appearances, not only for the interviewer but for self-confidence too. If you know you smell great, you will stand a little taller and ooze a little more confidence. Nevertheless, you don’t want to overpower the poor person, and so a lighter fragrance is a fab option. I’d choose something like Aura, by Swarovski as it is a light, floral fragrance with rose sprinkled across the top notes, leading to a white tuberose in the heart of the fragrance and finishing with a combination of pink pepper, amber and white musk.


Realistically, you’ll be wearing whichever makes you feel the most stunning. For me, the entirety of my favourite perfumes give me confidence within myself, and so it wouldn’t particularly matter which one I grabbed whilst running out of the door – I’d probably be late; either that, or mega early. A newer perfume in my collection is Mon Guerlain which is for the modern woman. Infused with Carla lavender, sambac jasmine, album sandalwood and vanilla tahitensis, it oozes femininity, strength and freedom, all of which are great things to reinforce on a date with somebody new.


Depending on what style of fragrance you go for when the sun sets, whether it is a deep oriental, a fruity number, or a completely unique style, tells of which one to wear whilst you dance the night away. Personally, I would love to add Dior’s Poison Girl to my collection for this exact reason – it makes me want to stay up all night until the sun rises, making crazy memories and living. The polar opposite to what I would use now, which is Flowerbomb Bloom by Viktor & Rolf. I still want to make incredible memories and feel like a million dollars whilst doing so. It is an explosion of fruits and florals with pomegranate domineering from first spray. Peony envelops the skin, leaving a cascading scent of sweetness.


This is going to sound slightly bizarre but the reason why I choose The Resort Collection by Elie Saab is because the bottle reminds me of a gorgeous ocean. Even before I smelled the fragrance itself, I had already decided to buy it. Luckily, I really love the scent too. It is a smooth fragrance; a dreamy one that you can imagine wearing against golden sands in a hot destination. A combination of fig, orange blossom, jasmine and frangipani make it a fruity floral like no other. It is deep and sensual with warm scents, just as you imagine a beautiful sunny day to be.


Blogger events are stylish endeavours. Even when you’re simply catching up over coffee, there is always time for a few outfit snaps here and there to create even more content for all social media accounts and blog content. What better to compliment feeling stylish than wearing Chanel herself. Coco Mademoiselle is the modern classic that women adore. I have the eau de toilette version which has an effortless spray for skin and clothes; with its oriental-floral accord, featuring Sicilian grapefruit, rose and jasmine petals as well as lychee, it is a sensual, feminine fragrance to make you feel beautiful.


I have written about Paco Rabanne’s Olympéa numerous times on the blog, mainly as the fragrance to make you feel like a goddess. It is the ultimate confidence boost on my dresser. Every time I spray it I instantly feel better; it helps that the entire premise is Greek mythology, gods and goddesses. If it makes me feel as fabulous as Luma Grothe looks, I’d be a very happy bunny. Olympéa is an oriental fragrance with ginger lily, jasmine and mandarin infused together in the top notes with salted vanilla at its centre and ambergris and sandalwood to finish it off, creating a completely unique fragrance for the woman who has every other perfume on her shelf.


This depends entirely on your personal fragrance history. For me, Euphoria by Calvin Klein was my first “grown up” perfume which I got as a free gift when I bought a subscription of ELLE magazine at London Fashion Week, at the age of seventeen. Cue the numerous nights out both sides of eighteen, spraying Euphoria in my hair, across my clothes and my pulse points. It is a perfume that is fruity and oriental at the same time, with a concoction of notes that create a deep, sensual scent. Black orchid at the heart alongside lotus flower gives a warm centre. The pomegranate emboldens the fruity nature whilst the underlying creamy accord makes Euphoria soft against the skin.


Sometimes an early start requires something fresh for the office. If I need to be woken up, I’ll grab my CK2 by Calvin Klein. It has cool and warm notes which, combined, create something entirely different from any other fragrance. It is a unisex scent for millennials, promoted as a perfume for all, no matter the background. With notes such as fresh wasabi that connects to the solar heat of wet cobblestones, the fresh nature is striking against the warmth of jasmine and vetiver. It is a perfect option for a long day at the office.

What are your favourite fragrances to wear for different occasions?

Love, Faye xo


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