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If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant – Anne Bradstreet.

The opening quote couldn’t be more current; we have been in a state of winter for far too long this year and I am craving the pink blossoms, the blue skies and the green grass that Spring brings, along with everything else that makes it my favourite time of year. With that, I thought that it would be an ideal time to share my current beauty favourites – everything I am loving to lather all over my face. Usually, I am too lazy to do anything with my skincare and general beauty upkeep, but since heading to The Body Shop, I’ve become somewhat better. I’ve even told my mum off for not cleansing, but she has fab skin anyway so who’s the real winner?! Last week, I had to put a face of makeup on for interviews (shock horror), and I actually enjoyed it. I always forget how much I enjoy putting each piece of beauty on my skin. I’ll be doing it over the weekend for various events, and I’m looking forward to it. As they say: the best part of a night out is the getting ready part. Sometimes, that isn’t true though, is it? Well, I’ve chatted on for too long as per usual. I am a waffler. Here are my current beauty go-tos that make a mess in the family bathroom.



I started using the original Micellar Water when I lived in Melbourne during summer (UK winter) of 2016. I became slightly obsessive over it because I had to cake my entire face with makeup for a job out there; this product was the one thing that got every speck off. It was also the only product I used skincare-wise apart from sun cream and after-sun. Fast-forward a few months, maybe half a year, and the Sensitive & Combination Skin version was released – with the green cap. I made the change, and haven’t looked back. There is no slight sting to the product, whereas there was with the original water. It is quick and easy to use with no messing around of water flying everywhere, drenching the inside of my dressing gown and flying onto my PJ top. I’m messy when it comes to cleanser which you have to wash off, hence why I don’t like the Gel Wash as much.

Savers – £2.99


After my evening at The Body Shop in Liverpool, I was blown away about how little I took care of my skin. I’m writing this with morning-after skin when I didn’t do any skincare last night, and I’m really feeling it. It feels disgusting – dry in some places, slightly oily in others. This is the exact reason why I love the Seaweed Oil Balancing Toner. I’ll be honest, before sitting in that hot seat, I always thought toners are unnecessary, just cleanse and moisturise. Oh, no. This toner is so, so good for my skin. It makes it feel completely fresh and really does balance out all the impurities. My bottle is nearly empty which is freaking me out ever so slightly because I need this product. It is an impeccable part of my routine. In the future, I might buy into more of the Seaweed collection because I love the fresh, crisp scent. Plus, it is ideal for sensitive and combination skin.

The Body Shop – £8


First of all, I love the new Roots of Strength collection. As the collection is new, it’s a lot pricier than other The Body Shop products. However, it is worth the money because the serum – and the rest of the collection – is perfect for my skin. It sinks into my pores, leaving my skin feeling soft and fresh – incredible for those early starts when you haven’t quite woken up and dislike the taste of coffee. The smell isn’t as crisp as the Seaweed Toner, giving more of a warmth scent with its combined ingredients of ginseng, ginger and ruscus. Also, it does make the skin firmer (alongside its Day Cream); I have seen the results!

The Body Shop – £32

You can see the rest of my skin routine in this post, which includes more in-depth information about each product from The Body Shop.



This is my absolute favourite foundation of all time. Granted, I haven’t used any high end base products and haven’t spread my foundation wings with many other high street brands. However, when you get on with a particular product, you tend to stick with it. My shade is 200 Soft Beige which is perfect for my skin tone as it changes from tanned to not-so-tanned. Plus, it caters for slight changes in skin colour (tan, redness, time of year etc.), which is an added bonus. It is a medium coverage which is ideal for my personal preference. I don’t like full coverage because I like the fact that my freckles pop through, and medium is better than a light coverage.

Superdrug – £8.99


I don’t even know how long I’ve had this palette for, not horrifically long so that I have to scrape it from my face each night, but long enough. It is so, so good, and doesn’t overly cover your face with colour. It has the bronze, highlight and blush all in one place, meaning less packaging and less bulge in your makeup bag. The majority of product I dab my blusher brush in is the bronze; it isn’t overly bronzed which means I exude a healthy glow rather than the colour of poo in my contour lines. The highlight is very light, so much so that I don’t see much significant difference, and the blush is a lovely rose pink.

Fragrance Direct – £4.99


I was lucky enough to receive my first Spectrum collection at Christmas. It is on every beauty lover’s wish list, frantically getting bigger and bigger as a business. I have only used brushes A01, A06 and B06 so far. I’m one of those people who waits ages and ages before they use a new item. I love the soft, feathery feel and the different styles of brushes. Plus, the colours are incredible – the best looking brushes in the business. Mine are – some would say aptly – named Attention Seeker. These are bestsellers, and you can see why.

Spectrum Collections – £39.99


Although two of the colours have popped out of The Blushes Nudes – due to being tumbled and thrown around a backpack for a year – it is still my favourite collection of pinks, taupes and browns in eye shadow. The colours mix and match, from the lightest dust to the darkest brown, creating beautiful smoky looks. It is the perfect accessory for natural glam, day time looks and adding that extra shimmer to the eyes. When The Burgundy Bar came out during winter, I ran to Boots to buy it. I shouldn’t have, really. I was buying Christmas presents at the time. The colours are perfect for Christmas but I like to add a bit of red sparkle to my Springtime face too. Mixing the two bars together is my favourite thing to do – it widens the colour spectrum, creating so much more colour opportunities for different activities and events throughout the year.

Boots – £11.99


It’s a love-hate relationship with this mascara, I’ll admit. Most days, we get on like a house on fire. It lengthens each lash and there isn’t much clumping… but when there is clumping, there really is clumping and it takes it about fifteen minutes to separate every lash so I don’t look like I have entangled spiders legs on my eye. But, when it works, it really works. A lovely lady asked me what mascara I was using; others have commented on the length of my lashes. I do have natural long lashes, but Rimmel London Extra 3D Lash lengthens them immensely. I wear 101 Extreme Black. I wouldn’t wear any other colour.

Boots – £4.99


My first ever luxury lipstick was won as part of a competition a couple of years ago. I never used it much, however, until I returned from my travels. It was the Dior Addict in number 976 Be Dior. I adore this colour and I thought I had lost it which devastated me. I then bought 773 Play which I was told was a close match to my original favourite, and although it is a lovely colour, it’s nowhere near as dramatic and bold as 976. It’s a good job I randomly found it in a handbag pocket, isn’t it?! I love putting on my lipstick as a final I am now ready for anything. It took me a while to perfect the routine, but I am a semi-pro now. The texture glides onto the lips, even if they are incredibly dry, which my lips usually are! The colours last, although not forever, but at least a little while – up to three hours with full lips, I would say.

Debenhams – £27.50 (Be advised that some colours may vary)

I hope I have given you some inspiration for your Spring beauty regime, and that you enjoyed this blog version of Get Ready With Me. Maybe one day I’ll film a video of it instead!

What are your Spring beauty favourites?

Love, Faye xo


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