Am I Slowly Turning Into A Fashion Blogger?

Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months – Oscar Wilde.

Before we get started, I have to say I don’t believe (most) fashion is an intolerable ugliness; this quote just made me laugh, out loud. Plus, it’s by Oscar Wilde who is a legend in literature. My reality is that I never exactly follow the new trends, or even have the funds to buy into a different statement piece every season; I’d much rather spend a lot of my money on travel, food and prosecco. However, when I go on a spree, I really do go all out.

Getting back to the post, the short answer is


The blogosphere is a changing game and we are all doing everything we can to keep in the running. Hey, do see us lagging at the rear but picking up speed?! When it comes to blogging, the content I produce is first and foremost what I want to write and post about. Nevertheless, as somebody in this industry where numbers are a massive deal, I can’t help but want to create more content that people are ultimately going to connect to, whether that is through a like on Instagram, a retweet on Twitter, or getting those follower numbers up.

I am absolutely putting my all into Instagram at the moment, cheeky plug here, by posting daily, being a part of a pod and sharing the love on other accounts. More on that at a later date. What I have noticed is that my most popular photos are of me in an outfit, “posing”. I’m still learning how to do the whole pose thing whilst gaining confidence so I’m not 110% pro yet. Give me time. Yes, it is a completely saturated part of the industry. The majority of bloggers I follow are fashion bloggers of some kind because I genuinely love seeing other people’s styles. A more bloggerish(?) reason is I enjoy seeing where they have shot, how they’ve put the entire concept of the photograph together and what editing techniques have been used. It has gotten so bad that I show my mum (also fab photographer!) these photos, saying things like “I could channel this, but somewhere closer to home.” Usually, all preparation gets thrown out of the window and we scout out locations that are completely different to anything I see on the ‘gram like, ahem, pink floral caf├ęs. Don’t get me wrong, I adore all the pink content out there, but if I did it, it would just be another photo of the same location. I want to offer something a little different in my shots.

Although the original reason was that it sparked a small flurry of follower increase – and IRL people are saying that I’m smashing it who aren’t my best friends(!!) – I actually really enjoy picking out my outfits and (sometimes) putting makeup on as if I’m getting ready for a proper shoot like all the incredibly glamorous fashion bloggers out there. It is just another aspect of blogging that I have come to love. I mean, I always wanted to be a little bit of a fashion blogger but never had the confidence to get myself in front of a camera, or the guts to ask anyone to take photos of me. Now, it has become a part of the weekly routine. I want to create more varied content. What can get more varied than fashion?

I’ll never be solely a fashion blogger.

  1. I don’t have the means to be buying new clothes to shoot left, right and centre.
  2. Fayebeline is a place for all my loves so books and travel will always be at the forefront.
  3. I’m not that fashionable anyway; I love clothes and I do look half decent half the time but, let’s be honest, it’s 4.20pm and I’m sitting in my PJs and dressing gown with my hair wrapped in a towel.
  4. There are so many fashion bloggers out there already that I just can’t compete.

I’m quite happy with where my blog is and excited about where it’s heading. I’d love to know, btw, would you like to see more fashion content from me?

Are you a fashion blogger? Do you think your fashion photos get more interaction on Instagram? Why do you think it is?

Love, Faye xo


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