Am I Completely Invested In My Blog Anymore?

When your hobbies get in the way of your work – that’s okay; but when your hobbies get in the way of themselves… well – Steve Martin.

I seem to be having one of those weeks where I just rant about what is going on in my brain about blogging and hobbies. Soz about that, but here we are. The thought came to me (right this second) as I was trying to find inspiration to write something on the blog. I just haven’t been fully invested in it if I’m honest. Instagram, on the other hand, is something I live for these days. No joke. I am constantly thinking what should I take a photo of today? Do I have time to shoot an entire new outfit? Most of the time it is a no. Not only do I now have a new job (yay!), the weather is up and down, and I don’t have a photographer to hand all the time, who are giving up their free time in order to help me out. Anyway, that’s off tangent. Back to the actual blog post, about blogging.

Am I invested in my blog? I’d like to think I am considering I’ve just bought this domain for the next three years. It is by no means a cheap thing to do, especially when your bank account is laughing at you whilst crying at the same time. However, recently, I’ve just had zero inspiration to write anything. I don’t want to say I have fallen out of love with it because I do still adore Fayebeline and all I have achieved with it, but it is very hard to find inspiration when it is seriously lacking.

I read Emmie’s post about her problems with blogging and although I admit I do one of the things albeit not in London, I resonated with a lot of it. Blogging seems to be more and more about the benefits rather than the actual blogging. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of the benefits as well as the boosts of confidence. However, I feel like if you aren’t being acknowledged for what you’re doing, no matter how hard you try (partly algorithm problems) then it’s a slight kick in the teeth. Let’s be honest. And that is where it crosses the line. I shouldn’t care (that much) about what other people think of my blog, or my social, but I do. We all do. And it’s pretty exhausting.

Keeping up with daily photos on Instagram is hard work. People will laugh and say what are you on about? but you have to post at a certain time for better engagement, take multiple photos, edit the one in various degrees, post it, tell people you’ve posted it on your stories, share it in your pod (if you have one) after you’ve commented on everybody else’s and possibly share it on Twitter. This is for ONE photo. Every day. No wonder I don’t feel like doing a blog post sometimes.

Not only that. Currently, my passions lie in other areas of my life. I am throwing myself into a new project which I am living for. No joke. That is taking up so much of my time and I am not complaining because, like I said, I love it. However, it leaves little to no time to write a new blog post every couple of days as well as take a lot of photos for it, and then edit those photos. For example, at this moment in time, I have no idea what photos I’m going to put with this. Probably an outfit from a couple of weeks ago because I haven’t used them yet and a couple are already edited. You see, that is slight laziness right there! I just can’t be bothered taking any photos right now. Plus the natural light has gone from my room, I have no flowers in the house to use as props and photographing and editing would take at least an hour when I really want to get more of my personal project done.

I hope this doesn’t come across as a I despise blogging right now because I really don’t. I just don’t have as much exhilaration as I used to. I’m hoping and praying it will come back soon. I know I’ll feel better about myself once this is published and I have another post done for April. My initial aim was fifteen for this month. Ha! It would take a miracle for that to happen, not only in time but in sheer will, too.

Does anybody else feel like this? Is this defeating the object? Should I have just not written this blog post? I don’t know. Let me know! I’d like to hear people’s thoughts so comment, tweet me, message me etc.

Love, Faye xo


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