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There is no world without Verona walls – William Shakespeare.

I am home from a quick whirlwind spin around the beautiful streets of fair Verona. It is a gorgeous city, but there will be an entire post dedicated to the Italian city itself. Inspired by the lovely Allie from Tie Dye Eyes, I thought I’d do my very own what I wore in Verona. I’m calling it The Style Files. If I head to any more destinations for the rest of the year (probably not, I’m not gonna lie), I’ll share what I wore in one fashion specific post. I want to integrate more fashion stuff onto the blog, just like I have done on my Instagram feed.

Some of what I packed did not get worn – as ever with all packing – because I over-packed and decided to stick to one outfit a day on two out of the three days. Yes, I did change once on the first day because outfit photos. Another day, my tummy was bloated due to my period which wasn’t great and so one of those dresses got shoved back into the suitcase unworn. As for the shoes I bought brand new, there was a lot of walking every day and I just don’t think my feet could have taken the pain.



A smock dress I bought last month from Primark for just £13! That is incredible. I love the material because it literally falls and swishes. You don’t have to iron it which is my kinda dress. The only thing is that it is slightly see-through. My mum tried to convince me she couldn’t see anything, but I knew I could see the outline of my underwear. It’s not horrific; you do have to study the bum area in order to see your knickers. I wore the dress anyway because it’s lovely and extremely comfortable, even the draped arms. They are a gorgeous detail, and a trend I don’t normally go for… until this spring, it seems!


Gingham is very much back in everyone’s wardrobes. When I saw this particular bardot dress from Matalan (£16!!), I had to try it on. I hadn’t owned anything gingham before I bought this dress, and it was something I wanted to incorporate into my wardrobe. I love the style, despite it being quite straight-up-straight-down. Normally, I prefer something that cinches the waist because I do have a shape to my figure, and if it skims my hips, I basically look like a big rectangle. However, it did work really nicely. Plus, the material isn’t too thick which was perfect for the Italian sunshine.


This dress should be renamed The Travel Dress or Birthday Dress, because I have worn it twice on my actual birthday and it was the only pretty dress I packed for my trip to Australia, Bali and Singapore. It obviously made it into my suitcase for Verona, too. I am obsessed with this dress. It is a Missguided dress which I bought three years ago for my birthday. To say I have gotten a lot of wear out of it is an understatement. I love it for a few reasons: 1. It is flowy and suits my shape without drowning my body; 2. The lower back detail is something I live for, especially with my tattoos, and 3. It has the perfect colours for spring and summer.


I love a good pair of denim shorts. It’s really hard for me to find a decent pair that hug all the right areas and don’t gape in others – the reality of having a small waist and big hips/bum. I found a fab pair in these F&F Clothing collection from Tesco, and they are pink. Perfect for a Wednesday. I did have to hoist them down towards the end of the day which was the only downside of wearing them, but I am used to doing that with all my shorts – my thighs are quite thick. I wore the shorts with another F&F item. When I first wore this bardot-style top, I found the tops of the sleeves to be annoying. After a slight nip and tuck with needle and thread, they are much better. I enjoy the contrast of colours and think the two pieces go really well together. One to re-wear throughout the summer months!


The two most worn accessories ever have to be my Topshop bag and trusty pink pumps from Primark. I have to say the pumps are looking a little worse for wear now and are a little uncomfortable around the little toe area. I have worn them a lot since buying them last month. I love the colour of them, and the slightly different material which makes them different from the standard “smooth” fabric, if you know what I mean. As for the bag, it is incredible how much you can actually fit into it. I took my Samsung S9 out, my coin purse, a Dior lipstick as well as tissues and even put in my new earrings I bought. Oh, and a few leaflets were squeezed in there, too. The colours and chain are perfection.

I had a fab time curating a different kind of wardrobe than what I usually take on holiday: different colours and fabrics as well as a more put-together look, rather than throwing everything into the suitcase and hoping for the best.

What would be in your city break suitcase for this time of year?

Love, Faye xo


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