Three New Fragrances For Summer

A woman not yet seen, but whose perfume accumulates on the horizon like that of a storm cloud – Fernand Dumont.

A woman can be three things: good, unexpected and beautiful, as well as any and every adjective we like to deem ourselves, good or bad. The reason I specify these words is because they refer to three of the fragrances I have added to my collection recently, all in the short timeframe of a week! It was for my birthday, and two were given to me by friends. One was a gift to myself, because I like to treat myself, especially when there’s 40% off on the plane! People will say I have too much perfume, but a girl can never have too much as long as she loves every single bottle as dearly as I do, especially my latest ones, two of which have been used for specific events that I will now associate that scent with every time I wear it: one was my trip to Verona and the other was a friend’s wedding. Without babbling too much, as I tend to do, let’s get into the actual fragrances that are gorgeous beyond belief and unique to every other fragrance on my shelf.


I began lusting after this fragrance as soon as I started working for TPS again in April. It’s pride of place on a tester stand in our shop, and it is divine. The pink bottle drew me towards it, a playful pink that screams spring, summer, of pretty pink flowers that bloom under blue skies. Garden is written in green to evoke the representation of fresh greens that we find in any garden. An added ingredient to classic Dolce is the Frangipani flower accord, combined with Mandarin, Neroli, Coconut Essence and Vanilla Absolute, it makes the perfume the perfect combination of cream and citrus. Wearing it on a summer’s day throughout the streets of Verona was the perfect accessory to my first trip to Italy. It’ll be joining me on any future adventures there.


As soon as I saw Victoria’s glam noir post about Good Girl, I knew I had to try it for myself. It embodies the entirety of what a woman is today: anything she wants to be. It is both elusive and feminine whilst charged with desire and vibrancy. When I first tried it, I think I was a little disappointed, but now it is my new addiction. Its ingredients of Almond, Vanilla and Jasmine are some of my absolute favourites to have in a perfume. It is elegant as well as fun, and can be worn to any occasion, especially those where you want to feel special and confident, as though nothing can stop you from grabbing what you want.


Ever since Poison Girl launched in 2016, I have a tiny, little obsession with it. I’ve never owned the original Poison Girl and so to have Unexpected on my shelf is a massive deal. The original is deep and sexy with a rocky edge to it. This time around, they have added a fresh and floral note of Rose and Peony alongside Ginger which is what makes it unlike any of its Poison predecessors. It is the perfect Poison Girl’s accessory for the summer months when she wants to lighten her fragrance to match the lighter mood. Another oriental fragrance here – can you see a pattern? – with ingredients such as Vanilla, Tonka Bean and Orange mixing together to create something that sparkles and allures.

So there you have it: three relatively new launches that must be in your perfume collection. Each of them are as divine as the other, but have their own special twist on what they represent. Isn’t it funny how I’d wear something for one occasion and a different one for another? That is the beauty of fragrance after all: ever evolving and, there’s always a choice.

Have you tried any of these three perfumes? Which is your favourite, if any at all?

Love, Faye xo


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