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When someone else’s happiness is your happiness, that is love – Lana Del Rey.

Wedding season is well and truly underway. Couples are in a loved up, excited stage of their lives, about to get hitched and begin a new journey together. They’ve invited their nearest and dearest to celebrate the joyous occasion, which gives wedding guests the perfect excuse to get dressed up and show up in their absolute best. I particularly love a good wedding. It’s a perfect day from the moment you get up in the morning, until you fall asleep (comatose) at night. What makes it better is feeling your absolute best, because nobody wants to be uncomfortable for that amount of hours of eating, drinking, dancing, crying and laughing. I thought I would share my personal tips and tricks, and a couple of hilarious anecdotes of what not to do, but makes for hilarious memories. These are not gospel because I’m pretty much winging it like the rest of the world, but I hope you learn something, even if it is that floaty is better than pretty much anything else.


Personally, I would say that best bet would be a dress for us ladies. If not for anything else, do it for the fact that it is one thing to put on and one thing to take off when you inevitably fall into bed. Also, it’s great for minimising going to the loo and not missing any crucial part of the evening disco. You don’t want to be the one who misses the classics such as the Macarena, do you? I would also say go for a pattern. If you’re invited to the whole shebang, you may or may not spill wine/champagne/food down yourself. Try not to, but as an extra layer of security, a patterned dress hides it a lot more, and it also hides any sweatiness that you may have after jiving on the dancefloor for four hours straight.

If you are ever running on a tight schedule to a wedding i.e. like I did earlier this month (traffic was not on our side), a dress is great to literally throw on et voila! you’re practically done. I’m talking we got wedding guest ready within forty minutes: makeup, dress, shoes, jewellery and peeling stickers off of said shoes. We were Speedy Gonzales, and I think we looked pretty damn fabulous too.


Shoes are crucial to maximising your enjoyment at a wedding. Wear the wrong ones and they will cripple your feet and ruin your evening of dancing and standing around looking gorgeous. I struck extremely lucky with my shoes at said wedding, which I bought the day before #winner. A block heel is your best friend, especially if you don’t want to lose any height. None of those stiletto heels, especially the super slim ones. Oh no. They murder feet.


Each to your own with this one! I personally adore my Topshop bag. It is a go-to staple of mine come rain or shine lately. It sparkles, has a chain and is versatile. As for jewellery, like I said… go all out! Or, keep it minimal. It’s up to you. I personally wore a body chain underneath my dress just to give that tiny bit of edge (and I thought my neckline plunged deeper tbh) as well as some Alex and Ani bracelets because I thought gold would be better than silver with my outfit. It worked well for me.

With the whole time constraint, I wouldn’t suggest a body chain, especially when it’s gotten slightly tangled in your bag as you’ve travelled to the venue. Other than that, you are good to go with one! I think they’re fab. I can’t wait to wear mine again although I need a festival or a trip to Ibiza to get maximum wear.


In all honesty, my skincare regime is not a regime anymore. It’s full blown I’ll do it when I can be bothered. I do need to buy more products which would help get it back to a higher standard. As for any special occasion, you want your skin to glow as much as possible. Jess opted (very cleverly) for a face mask which made her skin so soft. That is a very good tip: face mask the night before. If you don’t, like me, make sure you moisturise your skin. I used my ever-faithful Roots of Strength Firming and Shaping Cream from The Body Shop. I go on and on about their products so it would be shocking for me to use anything else. Moisturise the night before as well as in the morning when you get up, but don’t use so much product that you get flaky bits of skin. That is not a good look. Also, eye cream is a good plan too. You can’t have tired eyes for the day! You know my favourite: Drops of Youth Bouncy Eye Mask.

Hayfever tip: Make sure you’re taking your tablets way in advance, as in do not miss a single day because, somehow, the pollen breaks down whatever barrier you have and gets into your system at the worst times. I took three in one day (do not recommend) and only then did it simmer down. Absolute worst.


For a full day of activities under the hot sun, it’s likely that your makeup will slip and slide across your face. I’m pretty sure mine did. If you don’t look at yourself in a mirror after around 8pm, you will not know and you will remain thinking you look as incredible as you did seven hours ago. That’s my tip. However, if you do want to maintain that gorgeous face, invest in a setting spray (which I do not have – hence the no mirror rule – but have heard absolute wonders). I’ve heard the Urban Decay one is incredible.

Personally, I go for the less is more look, as I always do. I used The Body Shop BB Cream as my base with nothing else on my face. I don’t even think I put highlighter on! It was all that rushing about. A quick blend of pinks and browns in the crease and top of my eye lid, Bad Gal Bang Mascara, and a swipe of Dior lipstick, and I was good to go. That was done in about ten minutes. I’m so proud of myself.

With makeup, there are no rules. Go and have fun with it.

What are your tips and tricks for getting Wedding Guest ready? Do you plan months in advance? Do you rock up and wing it? Have you ever had to rush getting ready? Tell me your wedding stories!

Love, Faye xo


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