Having Adventures Closer To Home

Actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures – Lewis Carroll.

I have come to terms with the fact that I won’t be getting on another plane for the rest of the year. Travel is a massive luxury to have and I am grateful of how many trips I’ve been lucky enough to have this year already, but I really thought I could have squeezed one more in – a weekend trip in Europe. Anywhere in Europe. When you have had a year of travelling extensively; getting on planes, exploring new destinations, eating cuisine that you never thought you would, it can be a little disheartening to not have that exhilarating feeling in your tummy over and over again. That is when the travel blues set in; it’s also the time to book a new adventure.

With that being said, adventures lie in other aspects of my life right now. I don’t necessarily need travel to fulfil every tick on that “End of Year” check list. I am enjoying my new job which allows me to actually save for those travels that I desperately want; I’m also saving for an adventure of a huge kind: a house. I may not talk about it so much anymore, but it is still there in the back of my mind. I do want to have something that is my own space, a place where I can invite everyone round for tea (that I’ll be ordering), or drinks, or a catch up. I can do that now, but I feel like it’s different when you have your own place; something I’m excited to find out. That’s right now. Who knows where my next path will lead me. I might end up on a plane and not coming back! I have learned very recently that you can’t plan every tiny detail of life because something comes crashing in and takes over. That’s what makes it an adventure. Basically, I am living, rather than planning to live. Does that make sense? My job contract ends in January and I have no idea what I’ll be doing next. I’m not even thinking about it. What will be, will be.

And so, we come to the crux of the blog post. Having adventures whilst being close to home. I am extremely lucky that I live in an area that gives so much. People from across the globe come to visit my home city every single day. I guess when you grow up in a place, you completely take it for granted. Even The Wirral has beautiful places and amazing restaurants that I love to visit – CaboVino is my absolute favourite place to eat. It’s on Victoria Road in New Brighton, FYI. Let’s get into a little bit more of what I’m loving about home adventures and why…


As I said, Liverpool is one of the greatest cities in the world. That goes without saying. I wrote a post about exploring your own city a few months back and I plan on doing that more during the summer, even this weekend! The food, the shopping, the bars, the atmosphere all play a role to create this city that bounces with energy day in, day out. There is always something happening in Liverpool. Every day. And the best thing is that it keeps on growing. More bars and restaurants are opening which put us firmly on the map of must see places. Yes, there are also bad things happening in the city which shouldn’t be swept under the carpet, but that shouldn’t take away the fact that Liverpool is still a great place to be a part of.

Sefton Park is just one of the places in Liverpool that I had never been to until last year and it is a beautiful setting that I will be returning to again. There is still so much to discover, even for someone who lives so close by.

As for The Wirral (that place across the Mersey), it is thriving. Well, New Brighton is going up a notch or two. There are so many great restaurants down the Marina, and even bars that are opening up to bring in a new audience. On a sunny Sunday, the place is heaving. Bank holidays are done right on The Wirral with people of all ages out and about on their bikes, with their dogs, with friends and family. It’s a lovely place to be. On hot days, it really feels as though you’re abroad.


As much as I love to be productive and really work on crafting those life goals, I am enjoying my free time a lot more. I go to town on a Wednesday on occasion, which literally kills me off all day Thursday. And I mean all day. I go to my friends’ houses more; I go out for tea. I just enjoy myself a lot more rather than saying I can’t do this or I can’t do that. I think my mum has had a huge influence on me with this. She’s always reminding me that I need to have fun too.


I have already mentioned my favourite (CaboVino if you didn’t grasp it). CaboVino is a wine and tapas bar. It is small, independent and I just love it at any time of year. I really hope they don’t ever extend because I think it will ruin its perfect homely feel. It’s one of those places that you stumble upon and you wonder how you’ve never been there before! This weekend, I’ll also be visiting to a pub that I really loved that one time I went which is The Viking. It has the best fish and chips and the houmous there is gorgeous. I am a huge houmous fan, if you didn’t know! The atmosphere is fab too. It doesn’t matter if it is a quiet weekday, or a busy Saturday night. Just talking about all this food makes my mouth water… Those are two of the best places, in my opinion, on The Wirral. You also have the hugely popular Marino Lounge in New Brighton which serves amazing breakfast (the avocado on toast with poach eggs is to die for. Add chorizo for extra spice) as well as food well into the evening. On a Saturday and Sunday morning, it’s lucky you get a seat with waits for food on special occasions too.

Gusto is also pretty incredible. We’re lucky to have a couple close by.

As for Liverpool, the list is endless. With haunts like The Clubhouse in Liverpool One and Bold Street favourites such as Mowgli and Love Thy Neighbour, there is something for everyone, not to mention the hugely successful The Florist which I am still yet to visit! It’s Instagram goals, food goals and drink goals in one setting. I have seen the pictures and videos. I have lived vicariously through others. I just need to experience it for myself now. Going back to Mowgli… I’ve been just once and I loved it! The atmosphere and the food was incredible, as were the few cocktails I consumed. I really want to go back. Now craving Indian food. Basically, writing this post is making me hungry. Love Thy Neighbour is a firm favourite in Liverpool. It is a little piece of Melbourne in Liverpool, which is probably why I love it so much. Even the glass for hot chocolate reminds me of my brunch days in Melbourne, soaking up that summer sun and eating the best food possible.


Who else is absolutely living for this weather we have at the moment? I know I definitely am. It’s another reason why we don’t have to leave our back yards to go and grab two weeks of summer sun. We have two months of it here! I will be working a lot during the summer, but I find that I really don’t mind it either way. I always look forward to the longer evenings and earlier mornings, the days out and the summer drinks with loved ones. Summer is just happiness, and I’m excited to see how this summer pans out. It’s especially exciting because of the World Cup. I admit, I didn’t watch a match until England vs. Colombia. Now, I am deeply invested.

How are you having more adventures closer to home? Are you going anywhere gorgeous this summer?

Love, Faye xo


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