Things That Make Me Happy In Summer

Summertime is always the best of what might be – Charles Bowden.

We are in the midst of summer and I am living for it. I adore the summer months, always have done. It is the time of happiness and hope, of sunshine and colours; a time for reading alone and socialising with friends until way past midnight. Or, at least past sunset. Everything slows down in summer, the complete opposite to the manic winter rush at Christmas time. Personally, I associate summer with happiness. To me, they go hand in hand. Perhaps I just associate the sun with happiness because it is bright and glows. Everybody seems a little chirpier when the sun is out. During the summer, I love to get right back on my A game; whether that is with blogging, or writing, or clearing out my room. It’s that time for a cleanse. Without further ado, here are the things that make me happy during the summer months, and I hope some put a smile on your face too!


The best sunsets are without a doubt during summer. They are a little piece of magic at the end of each day to show us that the world keeps on spinning, no matter how good or bad your day has been. It makes you realise how small you are in the universe, and how small some of your problems may be. This is me telling myself this because I tend to overthink things and stress about the smallest details. Sunsets are pretty beautiful, especially when the colours surrounding them are an array of rainbow colours that dip and fade into the night sky.


Whether it is by a pool abroad (the ideal situation) or in my back yard, I love to get a load of new books under my belt. I love throwing myself into new worlds that transport me to the depths of a different life whilst the sun beats down against my skin. Sometimes, I will bring the reading party indoors, just because a bed is comfier than a partially plastic chair. The previous blog post is a list of the current books I want to read this season.


When I was younger, I had super thin curtains which allowed any form of daylight to seep through its material. I used to love waking up to instantly see the sunshine. I still do. Now however, at least I have the sense to have blackout curtains which lessens the light that pours into my room. Instead, I can see the orange hues that are golden in my hallway. I believe that my house captures the light perfectly. Perhaps it is because it is what I am used to; it has been my home for my entire life after all.


Is there anything better than day drinking? (Provided you enjoy alcohol). I much prefer – on occasion – to have a bottomless brunch, followed by afternoon cocktails in bustling cities. Nevertheless, drinking in the day time gets me far drunker than drinking at night time does. I have no idea why! At least there is no raging hangover the next day!


Evening walks are pretty magical. Not only are the evenings longer, ergo days are longer, but the weather is warmer which means less need for a jacket. Maybe this is mixed with my love of watching sunsets, but I love the colours of the sky during summer evenings and I also adore the quiet atmosphere that summer evenings bring. It takes a lot for me to get outside after a certain time if there isn’t a concrete plan, but sometimes wandering to a new place, or even an old one, turns out to be the best kind of night.


Once the sun hits me, I am bursting with new ideas, whether that is for writing projects, or blogging, or travel destinations or even what I should be buying people for Christmas! This especially happens when I am in a different country. I love travelling as it always inspires new creative thoughts to hit me square in the face.


The past two years, I have been lucky enough to attend two summer weddings! Last year, I flew to Cyprus to watch my cousin get married and this year I went to my piggy’s (inside joke) wedding! Weddings in general are fabulous affairs: an excuse to get dolled up to the nines, shed a little happy tear, drink prosecco, champagne and pimms, and dance the night away and laugh with friends and family, old and new.


It sounds so simple, but when I had my car, I loved to get in it and drive with the music slightly blaring. It didn’t matter if there was a destination in mind, or if I drove alone, I just loved doing it. I think it was partially to do with the freedom I had; driving into the unknown as the evening turned to dusk. It is even better with friends: dancing and singing along to music on bustling streets, going through drive-throughs to pick up a hot chocolate or McFlurry. It is the simple things that make a summer perfect.


Life is better with a tan. It is a true statement. I love having a tan, natural without the need of fake tan or sunbeds. It means that my freckles come out, and I just feel good about myself. There is no other excuse for it other than that. It gives me that much needed confidence boost and reminds me that I have actually seen some sun this year.


Even if I don’t go away, I love to listen to Kygo music mixes that reminds me of partying on a beach, or dancing until the sun rises the next month. I am listening to one as I write this, like I do when I write most of my blogs. They make me concentrate somehow, and yet I feel as though my mind wanders to memories of past holidays and past travels.


Making memories all year round is the absolute best, but I particularly love creating stories to remember in the future during the summer months. It is similar to how I love reading books that are set in summer; it is my happy period. There is always something perfect about summer that everyone loves, whether it is any of my list above, or something different.

What are your favourite parts about summer? Do you even love summer, or do you prefer a different time of year?

Love, Faye xo


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