Summer Lust List

Let us dance in the sun, with wild flowers in our hair… – Susan Polis Schutz.

Summer is well and truly here, and I am living for it – if you hadn’t already guessed from my previous summer post about happiness, alongside the summer book list. This time, I am bringing you all of the material things I have been lusting after for the season so far. In true Fayebeline style, it is a combination of books, travel and accessories. Basically the three things that make me, me. They are firmly on my lust list because I haven’t the funds to buy them right this second, and my money is going on other more important things such as weekends away, savings, food with my nearest and dearest as well as that B word… bills. Nevertheless, I can dream and maybe treat myself, depending on how much I am still lusting after these things at the end of this post! Let’s get into it, because you don’t need me rambling. Plus, I want pizza ASAP.


A summer dress: My mum will say you have a wardrobe full of dresses, and she is absolutely correct. I have dresses that haven’t seen the light of day (despite having them for longer than I care to admit), and yet I am always on the lookout for new ones to add to my collection. This one from Smudge Boutique caught my eye because it is beautiful, especially for the summer months. It can be worn day or night, and imagine wearing it in a stunning European city! I think I’m a little in love.

New earrings: I have a love-hate relationship when it comes to earrings. The ones in the cartilage of my ears are great: they stay in no problem. When it comes to my lobes, however, I have to be really careful. I am certain one of my holes has almost healed over. They sting a lot, and getting earrings in and out is a pain. I need earrings that I can leave in all the time; that are comfortable and great quality. When I saw Lydia Elise Millen showcasing these Astrid & Miyu huggies, I fell in love. They are exactly what I have been wanting for years. They are pricier, but look as though they are worth it.

Rings to add to my collection: My Pandora collection grows and grows each and every year. The charms are endless, and my ring collection is something that I want to grow right now. I used to wear rings on every single finger when I was in my teenage years; I want to bring some of that jewelled essence back with accessories that I’m going to love, like the radiant elegance ring and the hearts of Pandora halo ring.

A beach holiday: Who doesn’t want to go on a beach holiday at this time of year?

More books to read: To be quite honest with you, books are not just a summer lust of mine; they are an all year round thing. But, I bet you knew that. In particular this summer, I am intrigued by stories that feature the dazzling ocean and other cultures. Understandably, The Mermaid is high on the list. I reviewed Christina Henry’s Lost Boy last year and absolutely adored the story! I bet The Mermaid will be incredible too. Speaking of mermaids, I have heard many wonderful things about The Surface Breaks – a feminist reimagining of The Little Mermaid – by Louise O’Neill. As for Children of Blood and Bone, I have (again) heard so many fascinating opinions. Plus, Tomi Adeyemi is visiting Waterstones Liverpool next week! I need to get my hands on some tickets!

A red swimsuit: Swimsuits have made a huge comeback and I want to join in on the fun! I wouldn’t wear one to sunbathe in because… tan lines. But, I just love the idea of throwing a swimming costume on, and it has to be red so that I can at least pretend I look as incredible as the girls from Baywatch. This one from Boohoo is simple and a great price! The scoop back is definitely what drew me to it.

Dress: Boohoo.

What is on your lust list this summer?

Love, Faye xo


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