14 Things I’m Excited For This Autumn

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower – Albert Camus.

Usually when the nights draw longer and the sun fades quicker, my mood drops swiftly to a low one. I love summer; the long days, the bright mornings and all the possibilities that come along with it. But, I love Christmas too, and all the joy in the run up to it. I used to really want to love autumn like the rest of my Twitter feed. People would rave about spiced pumpkin lattes (something I will never enjoy), chunky knits and the cosier evenings and I would always wish I could join in the excitement. Ironically, the more excitement I got for it were the years I lived in warmer climates, including on the other side of the world as my latter months turned into the hottest of the year. This year, though, I am ready for the months of the deepest oranges and brightest reds; I am ready for the colder months and the chance to really up my game in terms of fashion and lifestyle, as well as make it a year to remember. In traditional, spooky Halloween nature, here are thirteen things (plus one) I am looking forward to this autumn.


Is there ever a time of year that I don’t prefer to spend my time curled up with books? The answer is never. Even when I worked in Tenerife I would spend a couple hours indoors with a book in my hand. I have other vivid memories of my teen years where I would read in bed after school with my bedside lamp lit, before getting called down for tea. It is the best way to spend time during the chilly evenings in my eyes.


I am not a latte, coffee, cappuccino, or tea person, and everything in between. I never have been and I doubt I will be. I always opt for hot chocolate in a coffee shop no matter how hot it is outside. Some people have said to me in the past Isn’t it too hot for that? Nope, because I used to drink them in the highest of summer in Australia and in Bali, too. Now that the weather is turning a little colder, there is nothing better than snuggling up in an oversized jumper with a mug of hot chocolate in hand.


That fresh country air has an element of magic when the leaves fall from the trees. To be quite honest, I am excited about one trip to the country in particular (it isn’t set in stone yet, but nearly!) and I cannot wait to explore more fields and historic sites, drive down winding roads and drink in old, stoned pubs at the end of the day. I am already planning the blog content in my head and the autumn wardrobe to match.


So sue me for mentioning the C word in September. I’ve been talking about it already and yep, I have some presents stashed in my room. I am so excited about buying Christmas presents this year, and then sorting them and wrapping them up. I have my own mini tradition. Working in retail myself, I have to be organised. There is no other way around it, and I am not spending my Christmas Eve amidst rolls of wrapping paper.


I say this now with two months to go. It depends if there will be an event, or an occasion to get dressed up for; also providing I am not in work the next day because apparently the only time adults get dressed up at Halloween is if there is alcohol involved, unless you’re off to a children’s party. I miss getting dressed up as a witch or vampire and eating so many sweets my belly ached. I also miss trick or treating. I used to love that as a kid.


Autumn is never the same without an annual watch of the best film in the world. I had Come Little Children in my head a few days ago. I think it is a sign that Hocus Pocus needs to be watched. It isn’t just the story or even the crazy witches themselves, it is the magic and torment of it all and the belief of something truly gruesome happening on Halloween night, without sleepless nights attached to it.


My go-to outfit during the colder months is black leggings, black boots, black cami and a jumper or cardigan of some kind. I hardly ever change it up and although it is comfortable, it can get boring pretty quickly. I want to invest in some of the classic pieces for autumn like dresses that would suit my style, or skirts with a print on them and trousers that would smarten up my look. I have some of these items already in my wardrobe, but they just don’t see the light of day. I want to continue experimenting with my style just as I did during spring and summer and collect photos for the blog in the process.


When don’t I have a productive evening? It seems that all I ever do lately is sit on my laptop, working away. Therefore, it has to continue through the autumn months, and what better timing when the sun winks us goodbye stupidly early. I also really want to up my blogging game in the next few months. I am not doing blogtober or blogmas because I just don’t have the time, but I want to create more content and be proud of it.


The TV is always better when it’s colder. For example, the new Vanity Fair which starts tonight looks pretty exciting. There is always some kind of murder mystery on during autumn too. I will be sorely disappointed if there isn’t now. The dramas will tear my eyes away from the laptop, my books and Netflix for at least an hour per week, and I think I can cope with that.


Boots are my favourite kind of footwear. There are flat boots, heeled boots, black boots, colourful boots, leather boots, boots with fabric, boots lined with fur. There are so many boots and they keep your feet nice and toasty. Plus, on rainy days with lots of puddles, boots protect ankles and lower calves from getting wet. Also, boots go with practically every single outfit. Put a summery floral dress on? Whack on a pair of boots and a jumper to make it autumnal. Leggings, jeans and jeggings are golden partners for boots as is anything with tights. Boots are life.


It sounds like a blogging cliché but when a blogger has an autumnal feed with incredible content, I can’t help but be super inspired about Instagram, blogging and autumn in general. It makes me want to go and create incredible imagery too as well as live my best autumnal life off-camera.


The very last time I had a bath was about eight years ago after a night out when I swore I got spiked. I definitely had too much to drink and was so, so sick. I couldn’t even stand in the shower come seven o’clock the next evening. It is safe to say that I learned a valuable lesson that night, but it has never stopped me from drinking excessively, on occasion. Now that we have a brand new corner bath (!!!) I am very excited to buy some Yankee candles as well as cheaper versions of Jo Malone – I do not have money to throw away on candles – and have relaxing bubble baths with a book in hand, and I can’t wait for all the Instagrammable bath spam I’ll be sharing too.


Does anyone else love wearing the scarf and sunnies combo? I know I do. When it is too cold to not wrap up warm, but you have to wear your sunglasses so you are not blinded by the bright sun. I did it all the time when I lived in Spain. It made be feel like I had my life together when I clearly didn’t. I love that crispness in the air during the colder months, where it makes your cheeks pink and your nose ice cold. And then, when you return home, you can cosy up next to the fire.


Autumn is about change, and sometimes new beginnings. Every day is a chance for a do-over. All of the motivational quotes say so. As you can see, I am beyond excited for the months ahead. I’m also excited and happy about all of life right now, so I guess that helps a lot. No matter how much I dread a day (I will remind myself of this blog post), I will embrace it and make something good happen out of those twenty-four hours in front of me, even if it is simply getting more hours of sleep. Any excuse for longer in bed, right?

What are you looking forward to most this autumn?

Love, Faye xo


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