Saying Goodbye To Summer – A Little Life Update

Summertime is always the best of what might be – Charles Bowden.

I haven’t done a little life update in a while, and as the seasons change, it is the perfect time for reflection. Everybody knows I am extremely excited for the months ahead. I have so many plans which are a massive mix of complete relaxation, getting shit done, and experiencing brand new things. However, this post is a little bit of an overview of my summer because a lot has happened to turn my life upside down for the better.

Let’s begin with May. Ever since I was at university, May signifies the beginning of summer for me as I always handed in my final assignments around then. Plus, Summer Ball in my university was the final weekend of May, which of course was a huge celebration of the end of the year and the beginning of summer. And, May is my birthday month! I spent a week with my parents in fair Verona in the run up to my 26th birthday. It was incredible, and a bit of a dream come true as Verona had been on my bucket list for over a year. The fact that it is home to Romeo and Juliet was a huge deal for the literature nerd in me, and I’ve never visited Italy. It is safe to say that I thoroughly loved that trip. I spent time with my mum and dad; did the whole fashion blogger thing with quick changes in the local loo; stood on Juliet’s balcony, learnt so much history; went dress shopping; drank a lot of wine and prosecco, and ate a lot of good food. Two weeks later, I had another week off where I played adult as I house-sat for my cousin whilst she was away. I also headed to London that week! I haven’t been to London since last year, so it was a huge thing for me. I caught up with one of my best friends from uni, of which you can read more about here, and from there we entered a brand new month!

June was the month that changed my life, without that sounding way OTT, or anything like that. But, I met someone and haven’t looked back. Let’s just say I am very happy and I smile and laugh a lot every single day. I am very grateful to one of my closest uni friends for inviting me to her gorgeous wedding in the beautiful Cotswolds where despite my hayfever kicking off (after three or four piriteze), I had one of the best twenty-four hours of the entire year. Plus, from that wedding, I have gained more friendships with incredible people and reignited old ones. Since then, we have all met up and gone on a night out together in Birmingham which was hilarious, resulting in very real headaches the next morning!

July, I spent a weekend exploring my own city and little peninsula with fresh travel eyes with a special person. It was the best weekend. We wandered through Liverpool and Heswall, had long talks, ate so much amazing food at The Viking and Slug & Lettuce and got to know one another. Fast forward a couple of weeks and we had the night out in Birmingham together with our friends. It is so great to be part of a friendship group with people that I have never met before this summer, and yet we all get on really well, and give each other advice and send silly GIFs too. It’s completely surreal how one single day can affect your entire life.

In August, I took a trip to the countryside, and it is something I want to do more often. Not only for the people I am visiting, but for myself too. There is something so settling and relaxing about seeing fields and fields of green and narrow winding roads with small clusters of houses dotted around. As much as I love Liverpool and I love cities, I do adore taking a break to the countryside to recuperate and relax. There is so much to see there, just as much as exploring a city, but in a different way. The countdown is certainly on for my next visit; it is in less than a month and I am planning on taking an entire suitcase of autumn clothes and jumping in all the colourful leaves.

They are the major things that have happened this summer. Of course, my summer has also been fuelled with work, seeing my friends and spending every other moment at my laptop, or on my phone. Throughout summer, I have been working on something behind the scenes which I have very nearly finished! I’m so excited about this personal project of mine so that may be why blogging has taken a little step back recently. It has been a busy summer and a very exciting one; saying goodbye to it is bittersweet, but I am more excited for what the future will bring.

How’s your summer been?

Love, Faye xo


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